WATCH: Love Island's Amber Gill Reveals Millie Bobby Brown Slid Into Her DMs

21 August 2019, 14:27 | Updated: 22 August 2019, 15:33

Love Island winner Amber Gill has revealed which celebs have been chatting to her on Instagram as well as the ones she wishes would!

Love Island winner Amber Gill dropped by the Capital studio to have a chat with Rob and Lauren, currently looking after the breakfast show for Roman Kemp and it was an eye opener of an interview!

Of course, the duo couldn't help but ask about what's been going down in her direct messages...

Amber Gill in the Capital FM studio
Amber Gill in the Capital FM studio. Picture: Capital

When quizzed on her Insta messages, she exclaimed, "Oh my god - Millie Bobby Brown follows me on Instagram - Yeah, yeah it’s mad and, like, we’re trying to meet up and stuff. We’ve been messaging on Instagram. It’s the wildest thing".

Imagine that, Love Island Queen and Stranger Things' Eleven catching up for a chinwag! Not only that, Amber also spoke about wishing how she could meet Drake.

Amber also went on to chat about her relationship with bae Greg, she told Rob and Lauren, "Yeah, things are going really well but he’s got to be over in Dublin for his rugby and I’m kinda over here in London, so at the minute we can’t really decide what we’re going to do."

She added, "A month and a week or something that I’ve known him! And it’s like "woah, woah, woah" everyone wants us to move in with him, marry him, all sorts. 'It is going really well but it’s just hard because we’re both doing things that we love but just in separate countries."

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