This Ridic Plot Hole With Rachel & Chandler Will Prove Whether You’re A True 'Friends' Fan Or A Faker

11 January 2018, 13:35

'Friends' Shocked Asset


Knowing that 'Friends' has hit Netflix has kinda made us lose all chill. We're all outta chill. We have no chill left.

Even if we've been watching it on Comedy Central and Channel 4 for donkeys, you can never, ever get enough 'Friends'.

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And after a binge watch (for real; we went from the first episode to the eighth season in about three hours), we came across something that blew our minds...

Chandler Bing met Rachel Green for the very first time, three times.

Rachel Green Barry 'Friends' PicturePic: Facebook

FIRSTLY, Monica brings a soaking wet bride, Rachel Green, into Central Perk, after she runs away from her fiancé, Barry. She then introduces Rachel to the whole gang, including Chandler. Fine. We can handle that, but...

Remember the scene where Rachel and Chandler push aside their shoulder pads and ridiculous hair, and kiss during a flashback to the 80s?! THEY MET SO LONG BEFORE THAT. At least that was the only mistake.

Unless you count the time when Chandler and Rachel apparently met at the Geller's Thanksgiving dinner.

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Do you not believe us? Then you best go back and watch the entirety of 'Friends' again. (Thank us later.)

Now THIS One Direction-inspired sitcom is one we'd watch, regardless of mistakes and plot holes...