Taylor Swift’s Ex Joe Alwyn Is Making Millions Since Their Relationship

18 March 2024, 10:41

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up early in 2023
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up early in 2023. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Joe Alwyn may never need to work again thanks to the amount of money he's made from the six songs he co-wrote with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

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Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift broke up in a split that shocked their fans in early 2023.

The pair were together for six years and within that time they were rumoured to have been living together and there were even scattered reports of a potential engagement at some point.

However it was not meant to be, and whilst it was sad at the time, no one can doubt the happiness that Taylor's new partner Travis Kelce has put on her face.

But being both an actor and fellow song writer, it’s no surprise that during their six-year relationship, Joe jumped on to help out his girlfriend with a few tracks here and there under the alias William Bowery, and alongside the current Eras Tour, it's all really payed it's dividends.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were rumoured to have been engaged at one point
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were rumoured to have been engaged at one point. Picture: Getty

According to a source speaking to Life & Style Magazine, Joe has been making millions of dollars a year thanks to his input on six songs over three albums.

“Fair or not, it's made him a very rich guy… Joe is making so much on royalties and returns from [the] Eras tour that he doesn't ever need to worry about money again.”

Joe’s songwriting pseudonym was William Bowery and under this name he helped write ‘Sweet Nothing’ from the album ‘Midnights’ as well as ‘Champagne Problems,’ ‘Evermore,’ and ‘Coney Island’ from the album ‘Evermore.’

But his best work lay in ‘Exile’ and ‘Betty’ from the album ‘Folklore’ which won him and Taylor a Grammy in 2020.

Joe Alwyn co-wrote six songs with ex girlfriend Taylor Swift
Joe Alwyn co-wrote six songs with ex girlfriend Taylor Swift. Picture: Getty

But if you want a rough idea of just how much cash Joe has pocketed from these six tracks then just know that according to the publication he’s already made roughly $2.3 million (£1.8 million) just from Spotify streams alone.

This number doesn’t take into account the royalties he earned when Taylor performed those songs live as well as any revenue from additional streaming services. The tabloids reported that Joe is set to earn this sort of money for years to come, taking into account Taylor’s massive success.

“Taylor's albums sold millions and continue to be huge on streaming services… He will easily be making a five-figure sum every year from his contributions. Writing six songs for albums as big as Taylor's guarantees a healthy income stream for life,” an insider said speaking to the publication.

Taylor's upcoming album is rumoured to be able her relationship with Joe
Taylor's upcoming album is rumoured to be able her relationship with Joe. Picture: Getty

But Taylor’s earned it back in her own way as she’s set to release her new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ on the 19th of April which is rumoured to be about her relationship with Joe.

Fans were quick to realised that the album name had stark similarities to the known WhatApp group Joe is in with fellow actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott, which was called ‘The Tortured Man Club.’

Speaking GQ, Joe revealed that "The Tortured Man Club is, I guess a reflection on Mescal’s character in Normal People Connell" and according to sources at The Daily Mail, Taylor may have had an issue with it when the chat was first made.

“Taylor knocked him for the name of this when they were together… She didn't want people to think that it has anything to do with her, so when he spoke out about it, she was, of course, bothered.”

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After the issue’s Taylor has faced in the media her whole career when it comes to misogynistic labelling because she writes about her romantic experiences, it’s a fair fear for her to have.

However according to the same source, Joe does not expect the upcoming album to diss him in anyway.

“She writes about her past using code and points of reference. It may just be that she is reflecting on their time together and he is hoping it is nothing more.”

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