Taylor Swift Explains Why Folklore And Evermore Are Combined On The Eras Tour

10 May 2024, 14:54 | Updated: 10 May 2024, 14:58

Taylor has combined Folklore and Evermore on The Eras Tour
Taylor has combined Folklore and Evermore on The Eras Tour. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

After the release of TTPD Taylor Swift has rejigged her Eras Tour setlist and combined Folklore and Evermore into one era - here's why.

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Taylor Swift kicked off the European leg of The Eras Tour at La Défense Arena in Paris on May 9th with a completely revamped setlist.

Songs like 'The 1' and 'The Archer' were dropped to make room for songs from her recent release, 'The Tortured Poets Department', such as 'But Daddy I Love Him' and 'So High School'.

But one change to the set that had fans going crazy was Taylor's decision to merge Folklore and Evermore into one era. The two records are known to be 'sister' albums after they came out in the same year with less that five months between their release dates.

Taylor surprised fans when she dropped Folklore in July 2020 and then went on to release Evermore in December 2020 - even a global pandemic couldn't stop this gal!

But why are they now combined on The Eras Tour? Here's what she told the crowd...

Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour in Paris, France
Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour in Paris, France. Picture: Getty

Why are Folklore and Evermore combined sections on The Eras Tour?

At the first European date on The Eras Tour in Paris, Taylor softly played the piano and said: "So, on The Eras Tour we have now reunited the sisters, combined them into one chapter.

"You can call it 'Folklore', you can call it 'Evermore', you can call it 'The Sister Albums' - you can call it anything you want, as long as you promise to sing 'Champagne Problems' really, really loud for me."

Then, of course, Taylor broke into her hit song from the 'Evermore' album, 'Champagne Problems'. One fan, who shared a video of Taylor's announcement, called it the FolkMORE set which has a nice ring to it.

She also revealed that Folklore represents spring and summer while Evermore is a representation of fall and winter - you've heard it from the mother's mouth now, argue amongst yourselves.

Taylor Swift now has a TTPD section in her setlist
Taylor Swift now has a TTPD section in her setlist. Picture: Getty

The reaction to the 'Willow' singer combining the albums was wild with the Swifties being sent into an absolute tizzy and they went straight to X, formerly Twitter, to share their feelings.

Proving that Swfities have zero chill, one fan even dismissed the mega news of Justin and Hailey Bieber having a baby, saying: "No one cares Taylor Swift just combined folklore and evermore into one era."

Of course not all of the reactions were positive, with some fans so passionate about the albums separately they did not approved of combining them.

One ardently wrote: "why the f**k do I care if folklore and evermore are sisters they are two different individuals they deserve to have their own individual space not to be mash upped as if they were lover remixes on spotify."

Another said: "I’m actually really devastated that Folklore and Evermore have been combined into one set and shortened."

Most were concerned by the amount of songs from the sister albums that will have been cut to make room for TTPD song.

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