All The Details On Love Island's Chuggs Wallis: From His Bucket Hats To His Real Name

1 July 2021, 11:02 | Updated: 2 July 2021, 10:10

Chuggs Wallis is Love Island's newest contestant!
Chuggs Wallis is Love Island's newest contestant! Picture: ITV
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Two new bombshells will soon be stirring up the drama in the Love Island villa... here's everything you need to know about Chuggs Wallis!

Love Island is about to send two more boys into the mix to heat up the villa – but who is Chuggs Wallis?

We're breaking down all the info on the bombshell – find out the Surrey boy's job, age and Instagram as well as why he thinks Brad McClelland is his biggest competition...

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From his bucket hat business to whether 'Chuggs' is his real name or not – we've got all the details...

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Who is Chuggs Wallis?
Who is Chuggs Wallis? Picture: ITV

Is Chuggs his real name?

The villa's newest islander is called 'Chuggs' and Twitter users can't believe it!

On the bombshells first date on the show, he revealed to Sharon Gaffka that his given name is actually Oliver – but he rarely goes by his forename.

'Chuggs' is a nickname that the 24-year-old has been donning since he was a young child, the islander confessed that the pet name is a conflation of "cuddles and hugs" – adorable!

This new contestant is already mixing things up as Love Island typically has multiple contestants that share names – remember Luke T and Luke M... it can get confusing.

Chuggs won't have that issue, that's for sure!

Who is Love Island’s Chuggs Wallis and what’s his age?

Chuggs is a 23-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Surrey but he spends a lot of his time in London.

He owns a popular bucket hat business named Booby Buckets and the company's Instagram has over 7,000 followers.

"I’m pretty driven. In terms of being entrepreneurial, I’ve always been like that."

When asked how his family would describe the reality TV star in the making, he said: "My parents would say I’m pretty responsible as I’m the oldest of three boys.

"Everyone always comes to me for advice. I’m always the one organising things for everyone too. I put together the funnest nights out that we’ve had, hosting parties at home, pub crawls."

Bombshell Chuggs Wallis already has his eye on some of the girls in the villa
Bombshell Chuggs Wallis already has his eye on some of the girls in the villa. Picture: Chuggs Wallis/Instagram

What has Chuggs Wallis said about Love Island 2021?

The young business owner said he signed up for the series because it was "now or never".

He spoke on how the pandemic has taken away typical 20-something experiences from him and that's why he's eager to get to the villa, Chuggs said: I’m only 23 but I’m scared of aging. Especially as half of my last year of uni was taken away and we had so many fun plans."

"With Covid and the pandemic, I feel like I’ve missed a year of my youth, so I’m really gagging to get it all back – make the most of it."

Chuggs. Picture: Chuggs Wallis/Instagram

Who will Chuggs Wallis couple up with?

The Surrey boy revealed that he's entering the villa with his eyes already on Liberty Poole, Chloe Burrows and Faye Winter.

In a partner, the 24-year-old revealed that he's looking for "someone to be my best mate".

"I need someone who is going to muck in with my brothers, my family. I’ve got a mate who has a girlfriend, she plays rugby, golf.. everything with us. She’s great, she gets involved. I want something like that."

Wallis even confessed that he thinks Brad McClelland is his biggest threat, saying: "I think key competition is Brad, but I also think I’ll get on with him."

Love Island’s Chuggs Wallis Instagram

You can follow Chuggs on Instagram @chuggswallis, at the time of writing, his account has over 4,000 followers.

Love Island continues airs at 9pm on ITV2

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