Harry Styles’ Mum Reminds Fans To Be Kind About His Haircut

17 November 2023, 14:58

Harry Styles' mum responds to the trolls
Harry Styles' mum responds to the trolls. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Harry Styles' mum, Anne Twist, has broken her silence on the internet frenzy about Harry's shaved head.

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Harry Styles switched up his look with a new haircut and the response has been a mixed bag, with many taking to social media to share their dislike for it.

Well, as any mother would be, Harry's mum, Anne Twist, was deeply impacted by the comments and took to responding to the negativity against her son.

On Wednesday Harry's brand Pleasing shared a picture of him from the launch event of their new fragrances, this was the first official picture of the 'Fine Line' singer debuting his buzz cut. Initially unclear images of Harry at a U2 concert with his girlfriend Taylor Russell started the rumours that he had shaved his head, and this post confirmed it.

Although there was a lot of love for his new hair, some of the harsher comments on the post read "brave posting this with the comments on" and "where was the trigger warning".

Harry Styles' mum fights in her son's corner every time!
Harry Styles' mum fights in her son's corner every time! Picture: Instagram @annetwist

Sharing the same image of her son at the Pleasing launch, she wrote: "When you consider that H has a legacy of kindness and inclusion, has always made every effort to make everyone feel seen and appreciated for exactly who they are... there's an irony in the negativity he's been shown for having a hair cut.

"Sorry but I just don't get it," Anne said, signing off with a #TPWK, a nod to Harry's hit song and slogan 'Treat People With Kindness'.

The slogan TPWK has become widely accepted by Harry's fans as a symbol for love, kindness and acceptance. People have found comfort in how inclusive Harry is with hundreds of fans using his shows to come out to family and friends.

Fans have mixed feelings over Harry's hair
Fans have mixed feelings over Harry's hair. Picture: Getty

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Harry's hair has become a massive part of his brand over the years, and fans have become attached to his ever evolving looks, from the long locks of 2016 to his shorter, but still luscious, hair whilst performing Love On Tour.

Before she made a public comment it was reported that a fan had bumped into Harry's mum in IKEA and asked her why he chopped his hair off. Anne, allegedly said “it's because he's on a holiday, he fancied a change”.

So, Mr Styles should be allowed to make a change when he feels like it! It doesn't impact his talent or craft and we look forward to this next Harry era.

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