Meet The Cast Of Netflix's Buying London

22 May 2024, 11:00 | Updated: 27 May 2024, 11:04

Buying London cast list
Let us introduce the complete Buying London cast list. Picture: Netflix

By Abbie Reynolds

Here's the complete cast of Netflix's Buying London - from Daniel Daggers and his glam real estate team to his rival (and one of his longest friends) Alex Bourne.

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Netflix's Buying London is here to fill the UK's Selling Sunset shaped hole! The brand new reality TV show hit screens in May 2024 with the promise of all the same drama and luxe as it's US counterpart.

Headed by property expert Daniel Daggers, the show follows a glamorous estate agent team, called DDRE Global, who have become the go-to for luxury homes in the capital.

While Daniel and his agents navigate staying on top of the game they come into all kinds of problems, like affairs, rows and more. So while you enjoy the real estate scandal, get to know the cast here:

Who is in the cast of Buying London?

Daniel Daggers

Daniel owns DDRE Global
Daniel owns DDRE Global. Picture: Netflix

The big boss at DDRE calls himself ‘Mr Super Prime’. He wants to revolutionise the real estate industry after 25 years in the business.

Daniel started out selling studio flats and he’s now at the top of his game as the go-to luxury agent selling some of the most ridiculously expensive properties in London.

Oliver Hamilton - Agent

Oli is an agent for DDRE Global
Oli is an agent for DDRE Global. Picture: Netflix

Described as 'tall, dark and handsome', Oli is a ‘posho’ with connections across London’s high society.

He claims to be a reformed party boy and is now settled down and happily married. But on the show he's tempted by a flirtatious colleague... is he able to keep his marriage on track?

Reme Nicole - Agent

Reme is a agent at DDRE Global
Reme is a agent at DDRE Global. Picture: Netflix

At just 21, agent Reme is the baby of the office and desperate to impress boss and mentor Daniel who calls her his ‘rough diamond.’

Reme is described as 'a rising star on the look-out for the big money opportunities which will help her make her mark at DDRE'.

Lauren Christy - Agent

Lauren is an agent at DDRE
Lauren is an agent at DDRE. Picture: Netflix

Lauren is the top agent at DDRE and has a long-term friendship with the boss Daniel which she likes to remind the other agents of.

The South African is said to be 'fiercely driven and ice cool under pressure'.

Rosi Walden - Agent

Rosi is an agent at DDRE Global
Rosi is an agent at DDRE Global. Picture: Netflix

Rosi knows prime central London like the back of her hand having grown up in Holland Park.

Tensions get high with Rosi when one of the biggest properties is handed to Lauren, who 'she believes has Danny wrapped around her little finger'.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute - Agent

Rasa is an agent at DDRE Global
Rasa is an agent at DDRE Global. Picture: Netflix

Rasa, the well-connected hustler of the group, has a lot of contacts with millionaires and billionaires.

Netflix say she's always at the heart of the office politics, and is unafraid to speak her mind and never shies away from confrontation.

Juliana Ardenius - Interior Design

Juliana is an interior designer
Juliana is an interior designer. Picture: Netflix

Juliana reckons she’s the hottest interior designer in London and aims to make the properties she works on look as glamorous as she is. J

uliana says herself that she can be “very naughty” when given half a chance and relishes the opportunity to push boundaries.

She is also entirely open about her workplace crushes, which causes drama in the office (could she be the one to turn Oli's head?).

Olivia Wayne - Broadcaster

Olivia is a content creator for DDRE
Olivia is a content creator for DDRE. Picture: Netflix

Olivia is DDRE's content creator. Her expertise spreads beyond that though as she's to said to able to diffuse the most volatile of situations.

The peacemaker in the office and the voice of reason amid any drama, she’s likeable, caring, and often acts as a go-between when conflict erupts.

Alex Bourne - Rival agent

Alex is DDRE Global's rival
Alex is DDRE Global's rival. Picture: Netflix

The founder and director of a rival agency, Alex is a described as a 'shrewd operator' and one of Danny’s oldest friends.

While their personal relationship goes back decades, when it comes to business, Alex and Danny are enemies and they know they can never truly trust each other as they battle it out on behalf of their wealthy clients.

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