Get To Know Buying London's Oli Hamilton - Age, Wife, Net Worth & More

23 May 2024, 15:07 | Updated: 27 May 2024, 11:06

Everything you need to know about Oli Hamilton
Everything you need to know about Oli Hamilton. Picture: Instagram @olihami

By Abbie Reynolds

Who is Oli from Buying London? Here's everything you need to know about the Netflix star including his wife, age and much more.

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Oliver Hamilton is in the cast of Netflix's latest real estate reality show Buying London. And he made a name for himself pretty quickly, after flirting with his DDRE Global colleague Juliana Ardenius - despite being happily married with a wife...

Oli is a 'posho' who is a 'reformed party boy', according to Netflix, and while you get to see his work on screen you probably want to get to know him a bit better, so we've done the research for you.

So aside from causing a stir, what else is there to be known about the real estate agent? Here's what you need to know about his background, who his wife is, where he's from and much more.

Oli Hamilton is an agent on Buying London
Oli Hamilton is an agent on Buying London. Picture: Netflix

Who is Oli from Buying London?

Oli is a luxury real estate agent who currently works for DDRE Global, it's not know when he started in the industry but according to his DDRE profile he has years of experience in the sector. He studied at Oxford Brookes University but it's not clear what he studied.

The agent is also a recovered addict who has been open about his clean and sober journey. In January 2024 he celebrated six years of sobriety, taking to IG to say: "My life had completely spiralled out of control, I was ostensibly irrecoverable, crazed and absent.

"The real truth is I wouldn’t be here today had I not put down the drink and drugs over 6 years ago now and that is why I am so eternally grateful that I found it within myself to turn things around - rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I have rebuilt my life."

He went on to credit his wife for being his "biggest supporter", but...

Who is Oliver Hamilton's wife?

Oli and his wife Vivi
Oli and his wife Vivi. Picture: Instagram @olihami

Oli's wife is Vivi Solomon, a London based makeup artist who has worked with celebrities like Selena Gomez and How To Date Billy Walsh's Daisy Jelley. She shares all of her work on her Instagram and TikTok.

The couple have been married for five years and although Oli is seen to be flirting with his co-worker in Buying London, he and Vivi are still going strong.

Oli even joked about the situation in a recent IG post, under a picture with his wife he wrote, ‘You don’t go looking for Swarovski when you have a diamond at home' and included #buyinglondon in the caption.

Introducing Netflix's Buying London cast

How old is Buying London's Oliver Hamilton?

Oli is 39 years old, according to FactTit, but it's not anywhere else online, so perhaps we'll have to wait for him to celebrate his birthday on Buying London before we can confirm!

Where is Buying London's Oliver Hamilton from?

Oliver grew up in Kensington and Chelsea so knows central London very, very well.

What is Oli from Buying London's net worth?

Mr Hamilton's net worth isn't public knowledge but much like his co-stars, he displays a very luxurious life on his Instagram, so he must be worth a pretty penny.

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