Why You Recognise Olivia Wayne From ‘Buying London’

22 May 2024, 15:42

Zeb Wayne and Olivia Wayne have been married since 2013
Zeb Wayne and Olivia Wayne have been married since 2013. Picture: Getty

By Kathryn Knight

Olivia Wayne is just one of the stars of new Netflix show ‘Buying London’. Here’s everything you need to know including her age, husband, kids, net worth and why you might recognise her.

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Olivia Wayne is fast becoming a favourite cast member among Buying London viewers, who features as the down-to-earth social media expert who’s brought in to film the agents when they have a property to show off.

Before working for Daniel Daggers’ property group DDRE, Olivia worked as a journalist on Sky Sports. She also has a large social media following with over 54k followers on Instagram where she shares all things fashion, health, fitness and family-related.

But who is Olivia, how old is she, how many kids does she have and what’s her net worth?

Olivia Wayne stars on Buying London
Olivia Wayne stars on Buying London. Picture: Netflix

Who is Olivia Wayne, how old is she?

Olivia Wayne is a cast member on Netflix series Buying London, which follows the real estate agents at a ‘super prime’ property company owned by Daniel Daggers.

Although she’s not an agent, Olivia works closely with the staff at the agency to film with them at properties they’re trying to sell to their clients. The content she shoots is then featured on DDE’s social media.

She explained in an intro for the show: “Daniel pulls me in when we have to shoot properties to film for our social media. At DDRE, the agents are the stars”

Olivia is 39 years old, having celebrated her 39th year in January.

Olivia films content for the DDE Group's socials
Olivia films content for the DDE Group's socials. Picture: Netflix

What does Olivia Wayne do?

As well as working for the DDE Group, Olivia is a broadcaster and journalist. She began her career in live TV on Sky Sports, fronting breakfast show Good Morning Sports Fans but has also worked as a fashion presenter, covering fashion weeks and runway shows as well as interviewing and producing content for brands like Net-A-Porter, Elle.com and Vogue TV.

She also regularly teams up with fashion brands on her socials as she has over 54k followers.

How many kids does Olivia Wayne have?

Olivia is a mum of three kids, she has two sons and a daughter who was born in November 2023.

Their baby girl was born on their eldest son’s birthday!

Olivia Wayne has three kids – two boys and a baby girl
Olivia Wayne has three kids – two boys and a baby girl. Picture: Getty

Who is Olivia Wayne’s husband?

Olivia’s husband is Zeb Wayne, who she’s been married to for 11 years. Zeb is a music producer and the son of Jeff Wayne, the legendary composer who scored The War of the Worlds.

In an adorable Instagram video where she introduced herself to new followers, Olivia said she’s ‘married to the boy I had a crush on at 13 years old.’

What is Olivia Wayne’s net worth?

It’s not known how much Olivia is worth, but she’s had a long career in TV and presenting and regularly collaborates with brands on social media.

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