Who Is Daniel Daggers? ‘Buying London’ Star’s Net Worth, Partner And More

28 May 2024, 12:41 | Updated: 31 May 2024, 17:00

Daniel Daggers is the star of Netflix show Buying London
Daniel Daggers is the star of Netflix show Buying London. Picture: Netflix

By Kathryn Knight

Daniel Daggers is the star of Netflix’s new property show, ‘Buying London’, following some of the capital’s most successful property agents. Here’s what you need to know about the businessman, including his net worth, age and more.

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Buying London is about to become our new obsession while we await the new series of Selling Sunset, as Netflix have finally given us a British version of the luxurious property show, focusing on Daniel Daggers and his property empire, including his team of glamorous agents; Reme Nicole, Lauren Christy, Juliana Ardenius, Oli Hamilton, Rasa Bagdonaviciute and Rosi Walden.

In a clip from the new series Daniel reveals his nickname ‘Mr Super Prime’ and reveals he’s sold over £5 billion worth of property to the rich and famous. He claims property companies these days are ‘stuck in their ways’ and that his company have a consumer-focused approach, where his agents rely on their social media following and their connections to sell homes.

Similar to The Oppenheim Group’s Jason and Brett, he founded a small company of his own called DDRE Global which he claims will “revolutionise the industry.”

But who is Daniel Daggers, what’s his net worth, is he married and what has he said about his career?

Daniel Daggers is the star of Buying London on Netflix
Daniel Daggers is the star of Buying London on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Who is Daniel Daggers?

Daniel Daggers is a property tycoon responsible for selling over £5 billion worth of property in London. Born and raised in the city, Daniel is 44 years old and owns real estate company DDRE, a small company with, according to him, "the best” agents.

DDRE is a luxury real estate company, giving millionaires access to ’the world’s most desirable homes’. Their USP sees the agents act as influencers, connecting direct to their consumer on social media.

Daniel previously worked for Knight Frank for 12 years, reportedly leaving under controversial circumstances after allegedly sharing photos of of a client’s £10 million property without their permission. He left in 2020 before starting his own property company.

He also has his own academy, offering training in real estate.

Buying London is Netflix's London version of Selling Sunset
Buying London is Netflix's London version of Selling Sunset. Picture: Netflix

How old is Daniel Daggers?

Daniel is 44 years old. He started his career at the age of 17, working at a local estate agency and gaining skills and experience from a young age.

He told PrimeResi: “Hard work pays. I worked my way up from a work experience placement at a local estate agency all the way to where I am now. If you’ve the commitment and tenacity, I truly believe that you can achieve success.”

The cast of Netflix's Buying London
The cast of Netflix's Buying London. Picture: Netflix

What is Daniel Daggers’ net worth?

Daniel claims he’s sold over £5 billion in property, however, his total net worth is not publicised.

In 2019 he was involved in London’s most expensive property sale – a £95 million mansion overlooking St James’ Park.

He shared in an interview in 2022 that in his first year of businesss, social media alone generated £1 million of revenue for his company.

Introducing Netflix's Buying London cast

Does Daniel Daggers have a partner?

Daniel isn't married and is currently he single, he confirmed in episode one of Buying London, admitting his career drive means he has 'sacrificed a shed ton' but that he has 'no regrets'.

"i've been in love a couple of times and it was very nice," he said, confirming he wasn't dating anyone at the time.

He said in a confessional: "Sometimes, achieving levels of success can be a lonely place and it definitely has been for me at times. I wanna get married, I wanna have kids, it's something I absolutely wanna make happen."

Co-star Lauren Christy appeared to hint that she and Daniel had a past during a girls' night in one episode, but refused to confirm whether they'd ever dated. As the other girls, like Juliana and Rosi, quizzed her on their history Lauren said she would never divulge on their relationship and whether they were or weren't ever more than friends.

Daniel was livid when Lauren said she'd been thinking about leaving the brokerage, but this was no doubt because of how good she is at her job and not because of their unexplained history.

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