Meet Reme Nicole From Buying London – The TikTok Star-Turned 'Super Prime' Property Agent

23 May 2024, 17:08 | Updated: 23 May 2024, 17:21

Remi Nicole is one of Buying London's stars
Remi Nicole is one of Buying London's stars. Picture: Netflix

By Kathryn Knight

Reme Nicole is Buying London’s youngest agent, but she’s already achieved so much. Get to know the real estate agent-turned property expert.

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Reme Nicole and DDRE’s CEO Daniel Daggers went viral months before Buying London even came out on Netflix because Reme was already an established social media star prior to the show.

The property agent has over 200k followers on TikTok, where she shares hilarious video diaries, including tales from the property market.

After the show came out she told her followers with a ‘point of view’ video from the premiere: “POV you went from a uni student to working for one of the best businesses on the planet, our Netflix show is just about to be released and rn you’re at the premiere with over 150 clients ready to watch the first episode.”

Now working with fellow agents like Oli Hamilton, Juliana Ardenius and Rosi Walden, Reme has a pretty impressive career, so get to know the rising star, including her age, social media handles and more.

Reme Nicole is one of Buying London's agents
Reme Nicole is one of Buying London's agents. Picture: Netflix

Who is Reme Nicole, how old is she?

Reme is a property agent who works for DDRE, the firm which is the focus of new Netflix show Buying London. She got a job at the company when she was still at university and the agency was just a start up. Now, she’s selling multi-million dollar homes pretty regularly.

Reme is just 21 years old, which makes her success even more impressive.

Reme Nicole is DDE Group's youngest agent
Reme Nicole is DDE Group's youngest agent. Picture: Netflix

What does Reme Nicole do?

Reme is a TikTok creator and property agent at DDRE. In a video explaining how she’s expanded her client portfolio at such a young age, she said generally it’s from referrals. She doesn’t just mingle with people in the property market, but the luxury market as a whole, including bankers, lawyers, wealth managers and financial advisors.

She also explained that she doesn’t have a regular salary, instead relying on commission she makes from the properties she sells. This is how it works at The Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset too.

Over on TikTok, Reme's no doubt able to charge for brand collaborations too, becoming the face of Samsung in 2022 and working with companies like Starling Bank.

Buying London's Reme Nicole does TikTok with Daniel Daggers

What is Reme Nicole’s TikTok?

Reme’s TikTok handle is @remenicole, where she’s fast gaining over 200k followers. She already has over 22 million likes!

Does Reme Nicole have Instagram?

She sure does! You can follow her @remenicole where she has over 11k followers.

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