Who Is Juliana Ardenius? All About The 'Buying London' Interior Designer

23 May 2024, 12:48 | Updated: 27 May 2024, 11:05

Get to know Buying London star Juliana Ardenius
Get to know Buying London star Juliana Ardenius. Picture: Instagram @julianaardenius

By Abbie Reynolds

Here's everything you need to know about Buying London's Juliana Ardenius including her age, net worth and more.

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Buying London has arrived to fill the UK's Selling Sunset shaped hole, with a glamorous cast, stunning real estate and a little bit of drama, it makes for a perfect Netflix binge.

And one of the show's beauties who has likely caught your eye is Juliana Ardenius, the interior designer who's story to success is no small feat.

Juliana works alongside the team at DDGRE Globa,l which is headed by property expert Daniel Dagger, and now has racked up quite the impressive resumé and has even decorated footballers' homes.

But what else is there to be known about Juliana Ardenius? Here's what we know, from her background, age, nationality, net worth and more.

Juliana Ardenius is DDRE Global's interior designer
Juliana Ardenius is DDRE Global's interior designer. Picture: Netflix

Who is Buying London's Juliana Ardenius?

Juliana is an interior designer at the luxury real estate company DDRE Global. She's been in the industry for less than ten years after delving into the business venture when she found herself homeless with just £160 to her name.

Talking to Leicestershire Live she revealed: “At one point I didn’t have a roof over my head, I’ve been sexually abused, and I was diagnosed with complex PTSD in the last few years because of this. But it has made me determined to be successful and be strong on my own.”

She came to UK from Sweden and ended up losing all of her money after investing in a friends business venture that never took off, so she decided to get into interior design "on a whim". Juliana said she emailed over 300 estate agents in hopes someone would take her on.

“I heard back from one estate agent, and I furnished a three-bedroom apartment in two weeks," she started, "I had no money, no workmen, no storage and bought everything from Ikea and Gumtree." We love a self-made woman!

Introducing Netflix's Buying London cast

"It was a random idea that I had but I found myself drilling together all of the furniture, and from there it grew to a really successful business.”

Through word-of-mouth only Juliana was able to make a new life for herself and now is working for the go-to in London's luxury estate and is starring in a Netflix show.

How old is Juliana Ardenius?

The entrepreneur is 30-years-old and according to GOV.UK she was born in 1993.

Where is Juliana Ardenius from?

Juliana is originally from a small farming town in Sweden but came to the UK in 2017. Before settling in the UK she travelled the world as a model after winning Miss Congeniality at Miss Teen Universe in 2013.

What is Juliana Ardenius' net worth?

While Leicestershire Live have described Juliana as the owner of a multi-million company and the tabloids have named her a millionaire, an official figure isn't known.

But if you take a look at her Instagram @julianaardenius you'll see she's living quite the life of luxe, so we wouldn't be surprised if her net worth was in the millions.

Her IG doesn't just show that she's an interior design enthusiast it displays her love for animals, with adorable pictures of her horses and their stables.

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