Shawn Mendes Is Growing His Hair And Fans Are Going Crazy

1 October 2019, 15:18

Shawn Mendes has told fans he's growing his hair.
Shawn Mendes has told fans he's growing his hair. Picture: Twitter/Getty

Shawn Mendes is growing his hair! This is not a drill.

Shawn Mendes has posted on Twitter, saying that he wants to grow his hair. However, fans aren't so sure.

The tweet read: “Growing my hair. Tweeting it so I can’t change my mind!"

But this isn't the first time the 'Senorita' singer has posted on social media about his hair.

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One fan went as far as to gather all of the 21-year-old singer’s related tweets, and turned them into one post, captioning it: “We have you on tape Mr. @ShawnMendes. All your tweets about hair!”

The string of tweets, which date as far back as 2012, shows the ‘If I Can’t Have You’ hitmaker posting through the years and includes an old photo of a young Shawn with a longer hairstyle.

A fan said: “OMG NO!!!!! I LOVE YOUR FLUFFY HAIR! PLEASE DON’T GET A MULLET!!!”, while another wrote: “Are you going to grow your hair as long as Harry Potter did in the goblet of fire?”

Some of the Mendes Army took the opportunity to call out the star, mentioning the time he said he would grow his beard, and then shaved instead.

One tweet read: “You’ve said this about your beard and look at where we are now mendes…”

“’Growing a beard’ and you still shaved,” another added.

Shawn, who is currently on his self-titled world tour, recently warmed his fans’ hearts whilst doing a Q&A in Seoul, Korea, after he brought along a translator for fans who couldn’t ‘speak English very well’.

During the Q&A, a fan asked if he would share more of his life with fans on social media, saying: “Could you share more photos of your daily life with us? It’s the only way we have to see you and hear you,” to which he replied, “Yes, that makes sense. Yes, of course!”

Does this mean we’ll get to see a sneak peek of his new hairstyle? Keep your eyes peeled!

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