Shawn Mendes Wrote ‘If I Can’t Have You’ For Dua Lipa

8 May 2019, 15:50

Shawn Mendes originally wrote the song for Dua Lipa.
Shawn Mendes originally wrote the song for Dua Lipa. Picture: SNL/Youtube

Shawn Mendes dropped his new song ‘If I Can’t Have You’ earlier this week.

Shawn Mendes recently revealed in an interview that his new song ‘If I Can’t Have You’ was written in mind for Dua Lipa.

He apparently wrote 'a ton of songs' with his team but decided he wanted to send this particular track to the 'New Rules' singer to ask if she wanted it.

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Speaking to Apple’s Beats 1, the singer, who performed his new song for the first time on Saturday Night Live at the weekend, said: “We wrote a ton of songs. I was back in the studio with Teddy Geiger and Nate and I was playing it on piano and I was like oh my god this would be really cool for Dua Lipa.

“It was on guitar and I turned it to piano, it was right after One Kiss came out.

“In the voice note — I’m speaking like I’m gonna send to Dua I’m like ‘okay Dua I have this song I have just a chorus we can finish it if you want,’ and I’m singing it on the piano and I’m like ok cool, I’m gonna send it to her.”

However, although Shawn said giving the song to Dua ‘would’ve been incredible’ he eventually decided he would keep it for himself.

He added: “It’s a confident pop record. It’s clearly that for me.

“I’m going through this phase right now where I’m testing out all the styles of music I can possibly be doing. Pop is what's in my blood - no pun intended. It’s the thing that I do.”

Keep doing what you do, Shawn! But also please team up with Dua Lipa in the future and give us the ultimate collaboration!

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