International Women's Day: 5 Times Little Mix Were Fierce Feminists

8 March 2019, 12:17

Celebrating Little Mix's feminism
Celebrating Little Mix's feminism. Picture: Getty Images

Little Mix have proven time and time again that they're out here representing women and fighting against sexism and here's a round-up of some of their most iconic feminist moments.

In the true spirit of International Women's Day, here are just a few of the times Little Mix have shown they're out here fighting for women everywhere whilst they continue to slay the charts.

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Clapping back haters

Little Mix's music video for 'Strip' saw them write insults on themselves in protest
Little Mix's music video for 'Strip' saw them write insults on themselves in protest. Picture: YouTube/ Little Mix Vevo

The band have found themselves a vocal critic in the not-so-surprising form of Piers Morgan, who has slammed the band for posing naked for their music video Strip (the very point of which was to celebrate body positivity) and trying to 'use sex to sell records'.

But they have literally no time for his opinions and have shrugged off the comments, with Jesy branding him a 'silly t**t' and held their own when Jack Whitehall brought up the beef at the 2019 BRITs.

Ariana Grande leaps to Little Mix's defence over Piers Morgan's comments
Ariana Grande leaps to Little Mix's defence over Piers Morgan's comments. Picture: Twitter/@ArianaGrande

Showing off their vocals to 'mime' critics

It seems like not a day goes by that the Little Mix ladies are confronted with accusations of them miming, despite showing off their insane vocal abilities and harmonies time and time again.

Whether they're performing on X Factor or this year's BRITs, they've pulled off some enormous performances with iconic choreography, so it's little wonder their vocal coach decided to share some back stage footage of them warming up their vocals to shut the haters down.

Being supportive queens to the LGBT community

Little Mix have a long history of becoming serious supportive stans of other women in the music industry, from the likes of Ariana Grande to Nicki Minaj but its the LGBT community they've committed to supporting and shining a light on throughout their career.

The band have said that 'Secret Love Song' is for their LGBT fans struggling to come out, put a gay love story at the forefront of their video for 'Only You' and constantly stuck up for the community, whether it's clapping back trolls or celebrating pride during their concerts.

Jade Thirlwall claps back at a homophobic troll online
Jade Thirlwall claps back at a homophobic troll online. Picture: Instagram

Their legendary Global Awards speech

Little Mix used the opportunity whilst accepting one of their three global awards to talk about sexism within the music industry and drop the infamous line 'we'll twerk if we want to'

"As a girlband and as women we do face a lot of scrutiny all the time whether its for the way we look, how much thigh we have out, how we dance, what we sing about and we just want to say that although we hope one day that does stop, right now, right now, we really aren't arsed what people think."

We're women, we'll dress how we want to dress, if we want to do a twerk, we'll do a twerk, we will always encourage our fans, especially our female fans, to do whatever they want with our music."

Calling out sexism in the music industry

LM5 is an era where the band are more 'ballsy' in the words of Jade and they're no longer scared to call out the sexism they've experienced in the the industry, such as when they were encouraged to 'flirt' with execs in the US to get their music on the radio.

In an interview with ASOS magazine Jade explained their experience in the US, saying:

"We went to a radio event in America, full of VIPs. Someone from the [US] label said, ‘Go and flirt with all those important men."

"I was like, ‘F*** off. Why have I got to go in and flirt to get my song on the radio?"

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