KSI Challenges Justin Bieber To Fight After Defeating Logan Paul In Boxing Match

11 November 2019, 12:47

KSI beat Logan Paul six rounds into the match
KSI beat Logan Paul six rounds into the match. Picture: Getty

British YouTuber KSI wants to take on Justin Bieber next in the ring after defeating Logan Paul, saying he’d ‘slap’ the 'Sorry' singer who has been a staunch supporter of Logan's.

British YouTuber KSI sensationally beat US star Logan Paul in their boxing rematch and has now challenged one of Logan's biggest supporters, Justin Bieber, to step into the ring.

The televised fight, which took place in LA at the Staples Centre, saw rapper and vlogger, KSI, (real name William Olatunji) defeat the American internet star, over a year after their first match came to a draw in August 2018.

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Justin Bieber attended the match to support Logan Paul
Justin Bieber attended the match to support Logan Paul. Picture: Instagram

After the fight Justin, who was in the front row to support Logan, was keen to defend his friend’s losing title, posting on Instagram: “Logan was the better fighter. Period.”

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, KSI said if the singer, who recently married Hailey Bieber, wanted to battle it out they could ‘make it happen’.

When Piers Morgan asked if he would take on the ‘What Do You Mean’ hitmaker, he said: “If Justin Bieber actually wants to fight me then yeah, obviously we will make it happen. Justin Bieber, I would destroy him.

“There’s no point. There would be nothing. He doesn’t know how to fight. He doesn’t know how to do anything combat sports. Let him just stick to singing.”

Susanna Reid then asked the boxing champ whether he thought it would be an unfair fight and he replied, saying: “Obviously. Haven’t you seen? I destroyed Logan Paul. Why would I fight Justin Bieber?”

The YouTuber, who also goes by the name JJ, spoke to AB Boxing News after securing his victory and laughed off the idea, saying he’d ‘slap Bieber’.

Things have been tense between the pair lately after KSI branded Justin an ‘idiot’ for supporting his rival, saying: “If he is going to be at the fight I’ll make sure to lock eyes with him so he can see his boy get knocked out.”

However, there seems to be no bad blood between the two internet stars as they hugged it out after the match, and revealing their respect for each other's commitment to the fight.

The Londoner told Logan: “It takes a big man to get in the ring and you’re a big man. You made me work today and you made me work last year as well. Thank you for a good fight, bro.”

KSI and Logan Paul hugged it out after the fight
KSI and Logan Paul hugged it out after the fight. Picture: Getty

Logan thanked him in return and took to social media to say: "What a f***ing night. congrats to the champ @ksi, blessed to share the ring with you & punch each other in the face for entertainment... let’s do it again sometime."

Fans were happy to see a respectful ending to the ongoing feud, even if Logan is already trying to get another rematch into the calendar!

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