Justin Bieber’s ‘Intentions’ Music Video: 5 Iconic Moments You Missed

7 February 2020, 16:18 | Updated: 7 February 2020, 16:49

Justin's new track was branded 'a masterpiece' by fans
Justin's new track was branded 'a masterpiece' by fans. Picture: YouTube

Justin Bieber released his music video for ‘Intentions’ featuring Quavo and we’ve rounded up the best moments.

Justin Bieber finally dropped the ‘Intentions’ music video alongside rapper, Quavo, and it’s a certified bop!

It only made sense to have visuals that matched the amazing song and JB made a statement with the heartfelt clip, which fans branded ‘inspirational’.

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The seven-minute video followed around fans who he supported through the Alexandria House's mission, which 'aims to help women and children move from crisis to stability’.

We’re here to bring you the five things you might've missed in the emotional watch.

Dancing scene with kids

Fans branded it 'adorable'
Fans branded it 'adorable'. Picture: YouTube

Possibly one of the cutest parts of the video was when Biebs was dancing with a group of children and we can’t get over how adorable it is (and how jealous we are, too).

Fans were stanning, with one tweeting: "Justin Bieber dancing with children. My heart."

Another wrote: “Can we talk about how cute is justin with kids? I f**king love this man [sic].”

Car giveaway

The fan said she had a 'difficult commute'
The fan said she had a 'difficult commute'. Picture: YouTube

During one of the most emotional parts, Justin gives a car away to a girl who travelled 2-3 hours by bus each day just to go to school.

While she explained her struggle, he responded: “What if I told you, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore?”, before handing her the keys to a new car.

Some comments pointed out how it was similar to David Dorbik's, who is a YouTuber and a good friend of JB's, car give-away videos.

One person wrote: “Didn’t know Justin was David dobrik [laughing emoji]," while another said, "He fr just gave her that car like David dobrik [sic],” another read.

Justin is good friends with the YouTube star
Justin is good friends with the YouTube star. Picture: YouTube

Drake similarities

'Intentions' has a similar concept to 'God's Plan'
'Intentions' has a similar concept to 'God's Plan'. Picture: YouTube

A lot of Beliebers pointed out that the theme of the video had a resemblance to Drake’sGod’s Plan’, where he went around donating money to fans, and we’re sure the Canadian rapper would be buzzing to see JB joining in on the generous vibe.

With some branding the concept behind the track ‘a masterpiece’, fans also were reminded of Justin’s old music.

One wrote: "People getting 'gods plan' vibe from this ...I'm getting JBs old song 'pray' vibes [sic],” which is a banger he dropped in 2010.

Famous 'Flaneur' hoodie

Justin brought back his love for the brand
Justin brought back his love for the brand. Picture: YouTube

Through the teary eyes, some were quick to spot the star’s 'Flaneur' hoodie, which has been scarce from his wardrobe for a while.

He first caused a hype with the brand back in 2017, as he was spotted in LA wearing one in green whilst leaving church.

Bringing it back for Christmas last year, he wore a black one as he shared snaps kissing his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Sporting a red version in the ‘Intentions’ video, people were glad to see he's still the same stylish king! 

He's a big fan of the clothing line
He's a big fan of the clothing line. Picture: Instagram

Drew clothing

He danced in his own brand's hoodie
He danced in his own brand's hoodie. Picture: YouTube

JB finished off the video wearing one of his own 'Drew House' brand's hoodies.

His signature clothing with a smiley face has been worn by the 'Get Me' hitmaker since it dropped in 2019 and his subtle addition to the clip definitely didn't go unnoticed!

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