Ariana Grande Tells Fans To Stop Arguing In Twitter Rant: 'I Hate When I Log On And See Y’all Fighting'

5 November 2019, 13:19 | Updated: 5 November 2019, 13:59

Ariana Grande has had enough of seeing fans being mean.
Ariana Grande has had enough of seeing fans being mean. . Picture: Getty

Ariana Grande wants fans to stop fighting with each other on social media.

Ariana Grande has been intervening with fans fighting on social media and has let them know she's not here for their negativity.

It all started when the 'Bad To You’ singer noticed a string of tweets from her fandom which she then responded to with a now deleted tweet.

After noticing they had upset their idol, one fan tweeted her saying: “Love u. sorry u have to see drama / people being worried about charts so often. Hope ur having a great day and smiley day. <3.”

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Ariana replied: “But also… why do y’all always be fighting oh my god BREAK IT UP ALREADY.”

Fans then joked that she 'really does see everything' which Ari then responded to, saying: “nah I don’t thank god. But. I do hate when I log on and see y’all fighting. Love u too much for that sh*t.”

It didn't take long for an online music account to comment on the drama, but Ariana hit back, insisting they were just 'playin'.

The ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ singer, who recently won Halloween, said: “lemme joke w my stans stop paying sm attention to me, we’re just always playin [sic].”

Ariana then stuck around to engage with her fans and ended up jokingly calling them 'spoiled brats' over comments about her tour outfits.

One fan wrote: “perform whateva you want but please retire that maroon outfit already."

She replied, saying: “man now why can’t y’all just stick to bein cute.”

Another fan chimed in, saying: “because that outfit is boring… sorry luv u,” before the Sweetener star joked: “brats. spoiled spoiled brats I raised.”

She then told her fans how much she loved them and even responded to one who questioned how ‘scary’ it was that she knew everything.

“Again, I don’t. but I hear from lil birdies if you’re upset and I gotta come comfort or set things straight. Love u,” she added.

Ariana has been very active on Twitter lately and recently opened up about the one-year anniversary of her hit song ‘Thank U, Next’.

Reflecting on her life since the track dropped, she thanked her friends and fans for holding her together throughout her ‘emotional & wild’ year.

“Update: I still don’t know sh*t ab love or have a clue what a personal life looks like other than hanging with pups and piggy which I’ve learned is… actually … more than enough!” she wrote.

We Stan her honesty and openness!

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