Ariana Grande’s Dogs Flown Out To Glasgow 'To Help Calm Her Nerves' After Opening Up About Anxiety On Tour

19 September 2019, 11:58

Ariana loves her dogs.
Ariana loves her dogs. Picture: instagram

Ariana Grande flew out two of her dogs to make sure she ‘felt at home’ whilst on tour.

Ariana Grande flew out her dogs on a chartered plane to be with her before her show in Glasgow.

Toulouse and Myron, were also given their own £2,500-a-night penthouse suite during the ‘Boyfriend’ singer’s stay on her Sweetener Tour.

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Ari, who recently opened up about her struggle with anxiety, wanted to make sure her dogs were there to help feel relaxed.

A source told a tabloid: “She jetted the dogs out from Birmingham, and they got there three hours before she arrived.

“Ariana wanted to make sure she felt right at home and after she cancelled a number of meet-and- greets due to anxiety, they help her with that. They help to calm her nerves."

The hitmaker, who was recently spotted bumping into fans out and about, made sure her dogs received the care and attention they needed while she was performing.

“The dogs, who have been assigned their own room at the two-bedroom apartment, were well looked after by a minder during their stay,” a source told a tabloid.

"As well as being offered personalised bone shaped dog biscuits and furry bedding they even got given tartan dog collars.”

Ariana apologised to fans recently after having to cancel some meet and greet appearances, saying that her ‘anxiety and depression have been at an all-time high lately’.

She said: “I wish I could control these attacks, but as anyone with anxiety or depression understands, some-times you can only operate on its terms and not your own.”

“I don't want to rush through our time together or seem shaky.

"I like spending actual time with you and I won't be able to be present or give you the best of me today. Anybody that had m&g or soundcheck will of course be fully reimbursed for this cancellation.”

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