Ariana Grande Has Taken In Mac Miller's Pet Dog, Myron, After His Death

24 September 2018, 14:44 | Updated: 24 September 2018, 14:50

Known dog-lover, Ariana Grande, has been spotted out and about with a dog that fans suspect to be the late Mac Miller's dog, sparking speculation she's now looking after it since his death.

If anyone knows Ariana Grande, they know she is an absolute dog fanatic and owns nine rescue pups, including the apple of her eye, Toulouse, but as people have spotted her out and about with a new addition, it's become apparent she's in fact taken in the late Mac Miller's furry friend, proving what an absolute genuine legend she is.

Pete Davidson’s Support For Ariana Grande After Mac Miller’s Death Has Won Her Family Over

Fans pointed out that she was walking Mac's dog, named Myron, when walking her own pooch, and the singer has since posted Instagram stories of her hanging out with the dog, who seems seriously fond of her.

People have flooded Twitter applauding the singer for having such a positive mind set since the tragedy and for taking in the pet despite the fact she and Mac had been broken up for so months before his death.

It was only last week that Ariana and fiancé Pete Davidson had decided to get an adorable little pig as a pet, named Piggie Smalls, so it looks like their animal family is growing quickly. Oh, and in true Pete style, he got the pig tattooed on his torso, just 'cuz.

This brings the number of dogs Ari has in her care up to a whopping ten, but when you're a global superstar with all the resources in the world, what's one more dog and a piglet, eh?!

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