What Happened Between Joe Garratt And Molly Smith?

6 February 2024, 14:25 | Updated: 7 February 2024, 17:28

All Stars: Joe Garratt and Molly Smith have a history
All Stars: Joe Garratt and Molly Smith have a history. Picture: ITV2

By Kathryn Knight

Another person from Love Island All Stars contestant Molly Smith’s past just walked in the villa – here’s what happened between her and Joe Garratt.

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If it wasn’t enough that Molly Smith is spending five weeks in the same villa as her ex Callum Jones, another former flame has joined her on All Stars, Joseph Garratt.

Molly and Joe have a history of their own, a brief connection formed after her relationship with Callum came to an end six months ago. He also has a history with her co-star Georgia Harrison.

Joe first appeared on Love Island in 2019 for series five, while Molly found love on the dating show in 2020 with now-ex Callum.

But what happened between Joe and Molly? Let’s take a look.

Jo Garratt is back on Love Island
Jo Garratt is back on Love Island. Picture: ITV2

What happened with Joe Garratt and Molly Smith?

Before heading into All Stars, Joe and Molly shared a kiss. It's not known how recently, but it was within the last six months as Molly spilled on the show it was after she and Callum had split.

The tabloids reported: “Joe and Molly is an interesting one and will have fans reeling. She only split with Callum Jones in September, so either her and Joe snogged over four years ago - before Molly got with Callum on Love Island 2020 - or in the few months since they split.

“It will blow open the Molly and Callum split once again, after his revelation of sleeping with 16 girls since the break-up shocked the villa.”

Callum and Molly came to blows after he confessed sleeping with 16 girls in the last six months, an admission he made not long after arriving on Love Island All Stars.

Tom Clare is coupled up with Molly Smith
Tom Clare is coupled up with Molly Smith. Picture: ITV2

And on Joe’s first day in the villa Molly’s past with Joe was spilled to the other Islanders when Joe was tasked during a game to ‘snog the Islander with the best chat’, picking Molly.

Georgia S quickly asked: “Was that the first time, Mol?” Throwing Molly under the bus.

Molly responded: “Cheers, G” as her partner Tom Clare looked on in concern.

Joe Garratt arrived as a bombshell on All Stars
Joe Garratt arrived as a bombshell on All Stars. Picture: ITV2

Fans have been holding out hope Callum and Molly would reunite, however, they agreed they’ve been getting on best as friends in the villa.

While Callum was coupled up with Georgia until Toby Aromolaran picked her, Molly seems smitten with Tom.

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