Stranger Things Season 4’s First Episode Title Revealed By Netflix

7 November 2019, 15:02

Stranger Things 4 might be a long way off, but we already know the title of the season’s premiere.

Stranger Things isn’t expected to return to Netflix until well over a year as it doesn’t wrap on filming until August 2019, but the new series’ first episode has a title already.

In a post shared by Netflix on Twitter, they revealed the first episode of season four will be titled Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.

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The streaming site shared a snap of the front page of episode one’s script, so the cast are no doubt reading through their lines as production gets underway.

Stranger Things 4 already has its first episode title
Stranger Things 4 already has its first episode title. Picture: Netflix

Their tweet received an incredible response, with one person replying: “I’m soooo frickin pumped for season four!”

“I cannot wait!” Tweeted a second, as a third commented: “Hype! Cannot wait to see it.”

The writers behind the show also shared the script title, writing in a tweet: “Looking for new members… are you in?”

Netflix shared the sneak-peek on Stranger Things Day, which is a day of appreciation for the series. It takes place on the date Will Byers disappeared in season one of the hit show, 7 November.

They also shared a series of blooper videos from all three series, with one showing Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown and Max, played by Sadie Sink, singing a song about ketchup and mustard while dressed in red and yellow raincoats for a scene.

Netflix and Stranger Things' writers tweeted this picture of the script
Netflix and Stranger Things' writers tweeted this picture of the script. Picture: Netflix/Twitter

Meanwhile, Millie celebrated the occasion by saying one of her iconic lines from the series before sliding into the clear blue sea during her holiday in the Maldives.

“I dump your…” the actress says before adding “just kidding” and jumping onto the slide.

The original line is: “I dump your a**” which Eleven says to Mike during series three.

Stranger Things 4 is expected to drop in early 2021, after the filming schedule apparently showed production would wrap up in August next year.

The crew are also said to be looking for new actors for four new characters joining the series.

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