Stranger Things 4 New Characters: Who Are They And What Will Their Roles Be?

5 November 2019, 12:24

Stranger Things 4 will see the introduction of four new characters
Stranger Things 4 will see the introduction of four new characters. Picture: Netflix

Stranger Things 4 will see the introduction of four new characters.

Stranger Things 4 might be over a year away from returning to Netflix, but the excitement for the new series continues to rise with every snippet of information we hear about season four.

After eagle-eyed fans spotted what looked like Stranger Things’ production crew filming in Rome, Georgia, there’s been another behind-the scenes update and this time it’s about the cast.

According to TV Line, the new series will see the arrival of four new characters, three of which are teenagers and one who is an adult.

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The teens include a metalhead and an entitled jock, while the older character apparently has characteristics suggesting he’ll star predominately in a storyline set far away from Hawkins.

We already know the next series will explore areas outside of the small town in Indiana, after a teaser for season four said: “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.”

It’s likely the series will feature heavily in Russia, after season three ended with Russian soldiers refer to “the American” while in the corridor of a dingy prison.

Representatives for the hit Netflix show declined to comment to the publication on the potential new characters in the show.

Production on Stranger Things 4 is expected to begin early next year, with the schedule wrapping up in August 2020.

The Stranger Things cast could be getting some new faces
The Stranger Things cast could be getting some new faces. Picture: Getty

Fans already have theories about how the new characters will integrate into the new series, with one Reddit user saying: “I Imagine the jock is supposed to be the new jerk now that max brother is gone. But I do agree that they should focus on further developing existing characters instead of adding new ones. We finally saw some depth to max this season.”

Another epic theory also predicted: “Okay, I hope one is a teenage boy who bullies Will and hits on El despite having a girlfriend and despite knowing El has a boyfriend in another state, then he and his girlfriend are making out in his car at makeout point and then they both get mutilated to death by a demogorgon.”

The Byers family were seen moving out of town at the end of season three, taking Eleven with them after Hopper was seemingly killed when Joyce blew up the gateway to the Upside Down in the Russians’ science lab.

Viewers are now expecting the new characters to be part of Will, Jonathan and Eleven’s new chapter away from Hawkins.

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