Stranger Things creators confirm Max is now braindead and blind

8 January 2024, 16:02

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Sadie Sink has also said that Max is "definitely not back in the way she once was" in Stranger Things 5.

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The Duffer brothers have opened up about Max's future in Stranger Things 5 and it's not looking good for our fave Kate Bush stan.

So we've all watched Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 now and we've all been collectively traumatised by what happens to Max Mayfield in the new episodes. Vecna, of course, murders Max, but Eleven somehow manages to use her powers to revive her. Only, when we next see Max, she is in a coma and, despite Eleven's best efforts, she can't locate Max within The Void.

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Now, the creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers, and Sadie Sink herself, have revealed if there's any hope left for Max.

Is Max blind in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things 5: Creators confirm Max is now braindead and blind
Stranger Things 5: Creators confirm Max is now braindead and blind. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Vulture about whether or not there was any version of the script where Max didn't come back to life, Sadie said: "I remember getting a call from the Duffers right after they had sent the ninth episode for us to read. They warned me what was coming. They were like, 'Okay, so you’re going to die. The script says you die, but just keep reading.'"

She then explained: "I knew in advance, but even when I was watching the episode, you fully think she’s dead. You think Max is gone. She’s definitely not back in the way she once was, but there’s still a small glimmer of hope."

Right, that "definitely not back in the way she once was" is not giving us the "small glimmer of hope" we need.

Sadie then added: "But then again, Eleven is searching for her in the void and can’t find her. So who knows where she is and what state she’s in." Who knows?!! We can't wait two years without knowing.

Meanwhile, on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the Duffer brothers added more insult to injury by saying that Max is literally "braindead and blind and all of her bones are broken".

Sorry, what? Braindead?!! How on earth are they gonna bring back Max from that?

Is Max blind in Stranger Things?
Is Max blind in Stranger Things? Picture: Netflix

However, Sadie also explained to Vulture why she still has hope that Max may somehow heal in Stranger Things 5. She said: "I think she’s at a place where she now really wants to fight. In episode nine, when she gave that monologue, she was ready to go and she was ready to make that ultimate sacrifice. I mean, she said that she just wanted to disappear."

Sadie continued: "It almost felt like she was giving up... even though she was telling her friends if she’s made it out before, then she can make it out again. She knew that there was no way she was going to make it out alive, but the fact that she was willing to make that sacrifice was brutal and heartbreaking."

Sadie ended by saying: "If she’s still out there, she definitely has a lot of rage and a lot of fight in her. So that’s where my hope lies in Max for season 5."

What do you think? Do you still have hope for Max?

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