Louis Tomlinson Only Wants To Watch Stranger Things With Niall Horan

8 July 2019, 12:15

Niall Horan loves Stranger Things and Louis Tomlinson's offered to watch it with him
Niall Horan loves Stranger Things and Louis Tomlinson's offered to watch it with him. Picture: Stranger Things Netflix/Getty

Louis Tomlinson is willing to give Stranger Things a watch, but only if Niall Horan watches it with him...

The third series of Stranger Things has finally been bestowed upon us and most people, including Niall Horan, can't get enough of it.

Even Louis Tomlinson, a self confessed non-watcher of the Netflix show is willing to give it a chance, but only if he can watch it with his former bandmate Niall and honestly, we really need to see this happen.

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Taking to Twitter, Louis responded to a fan who asked him if he watched the show, replying "No but I know Niall is/was", prompting Niall to chime in saying "Nah I'm into it proper now Tommo..." and cue Twitter going into meltdown.

To add further fuel to the fire, Louis continued on to offer Niall a watching partner, saying "Just give me a shout if you're on your own and too scared to watch it. For you mate I'll grin and bear it."

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan chat on Twitter
Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan chat on Twitter. Picture: Twitter

The 27-year-old then revealed his sassy side when a fan pointed out he'd said he 'doesn't watch trendy things' to which he clapped back "Hence "I'll grin and bear it" keep trying love".

Oh, and Niall replied to one fan and let them know his favourite character and sing Millie Bobby Brown's praises, writing: "I love eleven. I think Millie is an incredible actor and is going to go on and do amazing things in her field."

All in all, Stranger Things may be about to spark a mini 1D reunion and Niall is MBB's biggest fan- what a lot of great news for one day!

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