Love Island's Maura telling Tom to go f*** himself has inspired the funniest memes

24 June 2019, 17:44

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Maura responded to Tom's "all mouth" hideaway comments in the BEST way...

It's official. Maura just ended Tom on Love Island and the internet has immortalised the iconic moment with memes.

Ever since Maura entered the Love Island villa this season, she's been one of 2019's most entertaining contestants. Not only is she never afraid to speak her mind but she's also helped spread terms like "fanny flutters" across the nation. We stan.

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No one could have predicted what happened last night (Jun 23) though. In the episode, Maura got a text telling her that she could invite a boy to the hideaway. She chose Tom but things went from sweet to sour with the words "all mouth".

What did Tom say to Maura on Love Island?

What did Tom say to Maura on Love Island? The funniest memes inspired by the "all mouth" saga
What did Tom say to Maura on Love Island? The funniest memes inspired by the "all mouth" saga. Picture: ITV // Fox

Right after the text, Maura told to the other girls that she wasn't sure if she was ready to have sex with Tom. Meanwhile, Tom started bragging with the boys about spending the night with Maura and Maura overheard him saying to the boys: "It will be interesting to see if she is all mouth or not?" Maura then asked: "What did you just say?" Tom repeated himself and Maura replied: "That's a dickhead comment. Fuck off. Go fuck yourself." Tom then told the boys: "I fucked it."

It goes without saying that Tom's comments are gross and disgusting. If a woman is comfortable talking about sex with you, it doesn't mean that she actually wants to have sex with you. There's literally nothing wrong with someone being 'all mouth' in a talkative sense and not in a sexual sense. What is wrong is assuming that people want to have sex with you, without getting their consent.

Naturally, the internet is living for how quickly Maura shut Tom down and quickly made memes out of the moment.

Nothing but respect for a true bad bitch.

We see no lies.

This was all of us when it happened.

We have decided to stan forever.

The delivery of the "fuck off" line was flawless.

*chef's kiss*

An artist's depiction of Tom in the episode.

The resemblance is uncanny.

He repeated it with his whole chest.

A fool.

Invitations can be revoked.

It's what he deserves.

The boys were shook.

Anyone who can make a group of grown men quake is a legend.

Maura had to remind Tom he barely knows her.


All of this drama from a text.

And I oop.

The lack of sympathy we have Tom.

His demise is actually a joy to watch.

He really created his own mess.

Men are trash.

RIP Tom.


An important reminder for all the Toms out there.

Memorise this word for word please.

It wasn't just Tom either.

Michael was the only one who told Tom that Maura may still not want to have sex.

And yet Maura ended their misogyny single-handedly.

I'm so proud.

In conclusion...

...we have nothing but love and respect for the queen of Ireland.