Love Island Lucie's 'bev' catchphrase is being roasted by the internet

3 June 2019, 22:58

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Stop trying to make 'bevvy' happen. It's not going to happen.

Over the past few years, Love Island has given us some incredible slang words to add our everyday vocabulary. We've had 'muggy', 'melt', 'graft', 'aggy' and of course, 'loyal'. We've also had national treasure Olivia Attwood's valuable contribution to the Love Island glossary with the term 'dicksand'.

With Love Island 2019 kicking off, a load of new contestants are about to step into the ring to offer up their best new slang terms but surfer Lucie Donlan's recent pitch for glossary fame has absolutely baffled the internet - and they're not having it.

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What does 'bev' and 'bevvy' mean on Love Island?

Lucie is trying to make 'Bev' happen. For all us normal people, 'bev' means beverage. (Or, it's the name of an older lady, who might work behind a bar in a pub. We all know a Bev. Everyone knows a Bev. )

But in Lucie's world, a 'bev' is actually a guy. Apparently. In her introductory VT, Lucie explained how she uses the term “bev” to describe a guy that's she's interested in. In her words, she says that a 'bev' is a “hot guy, or he can be your boyfriend.” Lucie also says 'bevvy', which presumably means that she thinks a guy is fit.

Absolutely NO ONE is catching on to Lucie's new catchphrase and the memes are already bordering savage.