'Love Island' Viewers Can't Believe The Age Difference Between This Couple

7 June 2018, 16:18

Love Island
Love Island. Picture: ITV2
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Age ain't nothing but a number. Or is it?

Love Island is back for another season of fun in the sun and it is already one of the biggest shows of the summer so far. On Monday it returned to record-breaking ratings (2.95 million viewers is ITV2's largest audience ever) and it dominated social media. From Twitter to Facebook, it seems like no-one can get enough of the hit reality TV show.

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It's early days but one of the standout couples from the new series so far are design engineer Wes Nelson and cabin crew member Laura Anderson. The two were paired up during the coupling ceremony in the opening episode of the show and since then they have gone from strength to strength. Last night the two lovebirds took things to the next level with a steamy make-out session.

However, one thing is shocking fans. There is a nine year age gap between the two of them. Wes is 20 and Laura is 29. Of course, none of this ultimately matters. They are both adults and love transcends age but for a lot of people the difference between being 20 and being 29 is too big.

Some people think that it's weird that Wes was a child when Laura was his age.

This is weird on surface level but let's remember that they didn't know each other then.

Others believe that Wes looks a lot older than he is so it doesn't matter.

40 is way harsh Tai.

A couple of viewers are pretty sure that Wes may leave Laura when more girls his age enter the Island.


Then there are those who wonder if the age difference may not pan out too well in the future.

This is just disrespectful.

One or two fans just can't get their heads around that age gap.

They are both in their twenties. It's not that big a difference.

On the other side of things, there are a few who think that there's nothing wrong with it and the backlash is just an example of misogyny.

There definitely are some double standards here. Of course some people would think it's gross either way but, ultimately, as long as Wes and Laura are comfortable, we are too.

We cannot wait to find out how their relationship pans out.