This Dramatic Love Island Australia Clip Has Got Everyone Asking Why They Aren't Watching It

18 June 2018, 15:09 | Updated: 20 June 2018, 11:37

You think Love Island UK has all the drama you need? Then you haven't seen this clip from Love Island Australia...

As if there wasn't enough Love Island in our lives already, a clip from Love Island Australia has emerged that's got people asking just WHY on earth we aren't watching their version, because it looks like the most dramatic thing we've ever laid our eyes on. 

Love Island's Jack Fincham Just Dropped A Huge Spoiler About Dr. Alex George

Seriously, forget Dr. Alex's loveless woes or Eyal's low key snaky behaviour, the Ozzies don't muck about with any private conversations- they just have it out with each other in a massive screaming match, which ended up with two of the guys having a pretty intense shirt-ripping brawl.

All the drama went down when one islander was forced to send another home, there were tears, ripped shirts and a whole lot of post-fight canoodling that's making us yearn for more Love Island drama.

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