Love Island's Anton confesses his mum shaves his bum and everyone is repulsed

3 June 2019, 22:30

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Um, TMI.

So, Love Island started on a… bum note. Love Island cast member Anton Danyluk made a rather personal confession and absolutely no-one asked for it. Like, at all.

How long is Love Island on for? When does it finish?

The gym owner entered the villa tonight and was paired with Amy Hart – the only girl that stepped forward for him, despite him admitting he was a bit of a player in his hometown.

When Love Island presenter Caroline Flack asked why none of the other ladies step forward for Anton, Amber Gill confessed it was because of his clean shaven legs – but that's not the only hairless part of him.

Love Island's Anton
Love Island's Anton. Picture: ITV

"My mum shaved my bum for me," he confessed. Right…

He's not lying either. Before entering the Love Island villa, Anton revealed to The Scottish Sun that his mother's extra help was for his sex scenes in the villa. You know, still weird.

"I said to my mum my bum was hairy so she shaved it before I came out here," he explained. "You go with an electric razor first and then with a normal razor. I had a manicure and pedicure and my eyebrows threaded before the show."

Understandably, the people of the internet were revolted.

Seriously, just... why?