I'm A Celeb Viewers 'Fix' Claims After Being Unable To Vote For Camp Mate To Do Trial

20 November 2020, 10:31

'I'm A Celeb' viewers are claiming they were unable to vote for their chosen camp mate to do a bush tucker trial and are throwing out 'fix' claims saying the app wasn't working.

I'm A Celebrity is only in its first week and viewers are already making 'fix' claims after they were unable to vote for their chosen campmate for the upcoming bush tucker trial.

Many are saying it was to give them a 'night off' after being chosen for multiple trials in a row.

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'I'm A Celeb' viewers fix claims after app crashes
'I'm A Celeb' viewers fix claims after app crashes. Picture: ITV/ Im A Celeb

As viewers attempted to pick resident scaredy cat, Jordan North, for yet another trial, they found themselves unable to do so and think ITV producers 'wanted to give him a night off.'

Although it appears the app simply stopped working momentarily.

Viewers took to Twitter to ask if other people's app had also crashed, making it impossible for them to cast their vote.

One viewer tweeted, "It’s a fix - the app isn’t working for me to vote @jordannorth1 into another trial."

Another joked, "Jordan hacking the app so we cant vote him again" as people asked, "How were the votes decided was there a phone vote ? The app wasn’t working!"

Instead, Mo Farah was chosen for the trial, which many were relieved to see as everyone's starting to feel back for Jordan being forced into situations he clearly finds absolutely terrifying!

Also, what could be more entertaining than seeing a five time Olympic gold medallist take on a bush tucker trial?

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