13 Reasons Why Justin Foley: Actor Brandon Flynn's Age, Sam Smith Relationship And Movie Career Revealed

5 June 2020, 08:00 | Updated: 5 June 2020, 08:01

Brandon Flynn plays Justin in 13 Reasons Why.
Brandon Flynn plays Justin Foley in 13 Reasons Why. Picture: netflix/instagram

Brandon Flynn is known for starring on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why as Justin Foley. But what's his age and height? What's his connection to Sam Smith? And what movies has he appeared in? Let's take a look...

Brandon Flynn has portrayed Justin Foley on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why since 2017 and is a fan-favourite.

Back for the fourth, and final season of the controversial show, we prepare for the students and cast of 13 Reasons Why to finally get some closure and it looks like Brandon is in for another big role.

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So who is the actor who plays Justin Foley in 13 Reasons Why?

Here's everything we know about Brandon Flynn from his age and height, his relationship with Sam Smith and his other TV and movie roles.

13 Reasons Why sees Brandon Flynn return for the fourth and final season
13 Reasons Why sees Brandon Flynn return for the fourth and final season. Picture: Netflix

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What is Brandon Flynn's age? How old is he?

Brandon is 26 years old.

What is Brandon Flynn's connection to Sam Smith?

Brandon and Sam Smith began dating in 2017 but it wasn't meant to be and the pair split in 2018.

What movies has Brandon Flynn been in?

Brandon has starred in short films such as Home Movies and Binge.

What tattoos does Brandon Flynn have?

Brandon’s 13 Reasons Why character, Justin, has a few tattoos including, including one on his chest and one around his bicep but it looks like they’re fake.

After looking on his Instagram account, it looks like the only real ones Brandon has are under his arm and on his wrist.

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I see u 2019 Photo cred @lydianight

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What is Brandon Flynn's height? How tall is he?

Brandon is 5 foot 11 inches.

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