Taylor Swift 1989 Album: Release Date, New Track List And All The Details On Taylor's Version

21 April 2021, 15:38

Taylor Swift is thought to be dropping a new version of her ‘1989’ album and it’s already been heavily rumoured that Harry Styles could make a featured appearance on the project - here’s all the news including the release date and which songs will be on the track list.

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Taylor Swift fans will know that the songstress is re-recording five of her first albums all over again in order to own the complete rights to her projects.

After having confirmed the albums she plans on re-creating, people have been speculating about which is next to drop, after she released ‘Fearless - Taylor’s Version’ on April 9, which featured six never-before-heard songs to the track list.

Following her appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she dropped a series of Easter eggs - in true Taylor style - alluding to ‘1989’ being her next album to be in the works for re-release (and yes, we’re screaming too!).

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Everything we know about Taylor Swift's '1989 - Taylor's Version'.
Everything we know about Taylor Swift's '1989 - Taylor's Version'. Picture: Getty

'Wildest Dreams – Taylor's Version' has also recently been registered on Shazam so it's looking pretty likely that '1989' will in fact be the next re-recorded album.

That means we’d get to revive the iconic 2014 Tay era and all the bops that come along with it - even though she’s yet to officially confirm it herself.

However, fans reckon they’ve found so many clues that it almost makes sense, so let’s take a look at all the details, from the brand new songs to the release date.

Taylor Swift originally dropped '1989' in 2014.
Taylor Swift originally dropped '1989' in 2014. Picture: PA

Release date of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded ‘1989’ album

Fans are pretty convinced that there’s a big announcement coming from Tay on May 14 - potentially a new track ‘from the vault’ or even an announcement to confirm ‘1989 - Taylor’s Version’.

As for a release date for the album, the main theories have speculated the following dates:

  • June 4
  • June 6
  • June 25

So, all in all, fans are anticipating a June release date ready for those summer bops!

Track list of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded ‘1989’ album

The complete track list of ’1989’ ahead of ‘Taylor’s Version’:

  • ‘Welcome To New York’
  • ‘Blank Space’
  • ‘Style’
  • ‘Out Of The Woods’
  • ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’
  • ‘Shake It Off’
  • ‘I Wish You Would’
  • ‘Bad Blood’
  • ‘Wildest Dreams’
  • ‘How You Get The Girl’
  • ‘This Love’
  • ‘I Know Places’
  • ‘Clean’
  • ‘Wonderland’
  • ‘You Are In Love’
  • ‘New Romantics’

We're keeping our eyes peeled for any announcements about brand new additions for 'Taylor's Version', especially the potential Harry Styles collaboration that is rumoured to be dropping 'from the vault'!

Taylor Swift's original '1989' album cover.
Taylor Swift's original '1989' album cover. Picture: Taylor Swift

Is there a new album cover for Taylor Swift’s re-recorded ‘1989’ album?

As Tay is yet to confirm whether ‘1989’ is definitely the next album dropping, she’s remained tight-lipped about any idea of what the artwork will look like for the album cover.

However, if ‘Fearless - Taylor’s Version’ is anything to go by, she’ll continue with her Sepia tone themed album cover, and re-create her original ‘1989’ cover.

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