Perrie Joins Capital Breakfast To Celebrate The Release Of Her New Song 'Tears'

21 June 2024, 08:05 | Updated: 21 June 2024, 15:05

Perrie's song 'Tears' came out on Friday 21st June
Perrie's song 'Tears' came out on Friday 21st June. Picture: Global/Shutterstock
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Perrie's latest single 'Tears' is out now, so she popped into Capital Breakfast with Jordan North, Chris Stark and Kemi Rodgers to celebrate!

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Just five days after Perrie debuted her new song 'Tears' at Capital's Summertime Ball, she came into the studio to celebrate its official release day.

Wembley Stadium was alight, on Sunday 16th June, with beaming fans when Perrie played her second solo single 'Tears' in full for the first time.

Before she took to the stage she'd told us that she was so nervous playing to 80,000 fans, but she put on the most effortlessly brilliant performance.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast with Jordan North, Chris Stark and Kemi Rodgers, Perrie said she feels great about the release of the song, "I love it, I think it's fab" she exclaimed.

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She said she feels a little of pressure about the song because sonically it is so different to her first drop, 'Forget About Us'.

"But I did warn everybody," she said, "I did bring a disclaimer to the table when I promoted Forget About Us. I was like, 'My second single and third single are so different from the first'."

She described 'Tears' as 'towny, sunshiney, feel good vibes', so we know it's about to be the song of the summer.

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