Austin Butler And Jodie Comer Reveal Safety Measure Cut From 'The Bikeriders' On Capital Breakfast

20 June 2024, 08:30 | Updated: 20 June 2024, 08:55

Jodie Comer and Austin Butler chat all about 'The Bikeriders'
Jodie Comer and Austin Butler chat all about 'The Bikeriders'. Picture: Global/Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

The Bikeriders actors Jodie Comer and Austin Butler joined Capital Breakfast to chat about their new film.

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The Bikeriders is a upcoming movie starring Killing Eve's Jodie Comer, Dune's Austin Butler, Challengers' Mike Faist and Venom's Tom Hardy - yep, quite the lineup!

We had Jodie and Austin come into the studio to chat with Capital Breakfast's Jordan North, Chris Stark and Kemi Rodgers all about the film set to be a fan favourite.

The Bikeriders is about a motorcycle gang in the 60s called 'The Vandals', who are based off of a real life gang called 'Real Motorcycle Club'.

To get into character, all the stars had to learn to ride a motorcycle and danger aside, Austin revealed that the hardest thing about riding was the type of motorcycle they used.

Jodie and Austin met the Capital Breakfast crew
Jodie and Austin met the Capital Breakfast crew. Picture: Global

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"What was difficult was the types of motorcycles that we were on because they're all very old. So the breaks don't want to work, the clutch doesn't want to work, but they're so much fun," he said, adding, "Once you spend a few months doing it, it feels like a part of you".

Austin called his co-star Tom his "hero", saying: "And you're looking over him racing down the road in these Harley [Davidsons] - I've never felt cooler."

A cautious Jordan asked if they were 'scared' to get on the bikes. "Well we're not wearing helmets so you've got to be careful," Austin revealed.

"I probably should have been scared, but I enjoyed it so much that the fear kind of left my body."

The Bikeriders comes out on June 21st
The Bikeriders comes out on June 21st. Picture: Getty

And then Jodie hilariously shared a safety precaution they almost included while shooting the film.

She said, "Do you remember they had that idea initially to give everyone," before breaking into laughter. Austin finished her sentence, "a hair helmet".

"So put a helmet on everyone's head and then put a wig on top of the helmet," Jodie explained.

A very confused Chris needed a full breakdown: "I don't know what I'm imagining here, like a normal bike helmet?"

Yep, they confirmed it would have been exactly like Chris had imagined, which is probably why they didn't do it. As bizarre as it would look they've lucky there were no accidents on set - safety first guys!

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