Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Midnights’ Four Album Covers Make A Clock Face

16 September 2022, 11:52

Taylor Swift reveals four different back covers of her new album Midnights form a clock

By Kathryn Knight

In classic Taylor Swift style, there’s more to her four album covers than we first thought.

Taylor Swift announced her surprise new album ‘Midnights’ at the VMAs, and ever since Swifties have been scouring the internet for more clues about the release.

After revealing she’s dropping four unique album covers for the vinyl version of ‘Midnight’, Taylor’s now spilled the four different covers for her LP make up something else entirely – a clock.

The ‘All Too Well’ songstress put the four covers together to show fans her creation, sharing a video on Instagram to explain.

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“Alright so I’ve wanted to show you guys this for a while. So, we have four different for the ‘Midnights’ album and if you turn them over there is obviously a back cover to each one of them, they’re each different.

Taylor Swift is about to release 10th studio album 'Midnights'
Taylor Swift is about to release 10th studio album 'Midnights'. Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift shows off special edition vinyl covers

“What I wanted to show you is that if you put all the back covers together she’s a clock,” Taylor added, pointing at the artwork. “It’s a clock, it makes a clock. It can help you tell time.”

She also shared her reaction to seeing the albums as a clock for the first time.

Taylor’s vinyl albums are $29.99 each and the clock set, including the wooden hands, is $49.

Fans have hilariously been comparing Taylor’s video to the scene in The Hunger Games where Jennifer Lawrence’s character realises the lake is actually a clock.

Taylor Swift's four different covers for 'Midnights'
Taylor Swift's four different covers for 'Midnights'. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram
Taylor Swift's album covers make a clock face
Taylor Swift's album covers make a clock face. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram

‘Midnights’ comes out on 21 October and is Taylor’s 10th studio album.

After announcing its release date she said the album is “a collection of music written in the middle of the night,” adding it's “for all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching - hoping that just maybe, when clock strikes twelve… we’ll meet ourselves.”

Taylor’s also in the midst of re-recording her first six albums so that she owns the complete rights to her catalogue.

She’s already re-released ‘Fearless’ and ‘Red’ and fans think ‘Taylor Swift’ is next.

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