Taylor Swift Fans Think They've Unearthed Two Taylor's Version Debut Tracks

15 September 2022, 12:57

Could Taylor Swift be re-releasing her debut album?
Could Taylor Swift be re-releasing her debut album? Picture: Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Rumours have begun to whirr that Taylor Swift could be releasing the 'Taylor's Version' of her self-titled debut album.

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It's only a matter of time until we're all treated to more Taylor Swift re-recordings – and now fans think the pop star's self-titled debut is ready to be dropped!

Two tracks from the rumoured 'Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version)' have been doing the rounds on TikTok as fans believe they have uncovered the Apple Music singles from the upcoming release.

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A Swiftie brought their discovery to TikTok, posting a video on September 14 where they showed listings for the songs 'Picture To Burn (Original Version)(Taylor's Version)' and 'Teardrops On My Guitar (Original Version)(Taylor's Version)'.

The songs that hail from the pop icon's 2006 debut record were complete with a brand-new album cover that follows the theme of Taylor's previous re-releases such as 'Red' and 'Fearless'.

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Taylor Swift fans think she's already re-recorded her debut
Taylor Swift fans think she's already re-recorded her debut. Picture: Getty
Taylor Swift rumoured new cover for her self-titled album
Taylor Swift rumoured new cover for her self-titled album. Picture: TikTok

The speculated artwork for the self-titled project shows Taylor sitting in nature with her hands resting on her knees as she wistfully off into the distance – not dissimilar from the original cover from 16 years ago!

The cover is doused in a blue hue comparable to the golden wash that's featured on the 2021 'Fearless' album artwork.

Of course, fans began to freak out over the revelation – not only is Swift releasing her tenth studio album 'Midnights' on October 21st, but she could be gearing up for her next re-release too!

The TikTok video showed a recording of the Apple Music screen, with text written across it reading: "APPLE MUSIC USERS UPDATE YOUR DEVICES RIGHT NOW. [sic] "

The user then continued to play snippets of both tracks three and four from the 'Taylor Swift' album. The TikTok video has amassed over 300,000 views in just one day since it was posted.

Taylor Swift's 2006 album cover
Taylor Swift's 2006 album cover. Picture: Taylor Swift Album Artwork

Music lovers in the comments seemed divided by the claim, with some getting extremely excited at the prospect of a 2022 rendition of the debut, and others being harder to convince.

One user wrote: "OMG STAY CALM STAY CALM."

Another commented: "Are we not gonna realise it’s literally the original."

Both tracks not only feature the iconic '(Taylor's Version)' in the title but also '(Original Version)', whoch has led to some confusion among fans.

However, many still remain assured that the blue artwork will be the official 'Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version)' album cover... only time will tell!

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