Camila Cabello Explains Real Meaning Behind Drake's Song 'Uuuugly' On Her Album

28 June 2024, 13:11 | Updated: 28 June 2024, 17:57

Camila Cabello & Drake 'Uuuugly' Lyrics Meaning Explained
Camila Cabello & Drake 'Uuuugly' Lyrics Meaning Explained. Picture: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images, Geffen Records
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Camila Cabello reveals why Drake has his own song 'Uuuugly' on her new album.

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Camila Cabello has opened up about getting Drake on two of her new songs and why 'Uuugly' is actually just a Drake song.

Last year, Camila Cabello and Drake were spotted in Miami together leading some fans to speculate that they might be in a relationship. However, Camila later told Call Her Daddy that even though she loves Drake as an artist and person, they are not dating and it was just "work". This led people to guess that Drake and Camila had a collaboration in the works.

Now, Camila has released two Drake collaborations on her new studio album 'C,XOXO'. First there's 'Hot Uptown' and then there's 'Uuugly' which is listed as a solo Drake song. What are Drake's 'Uuugly' lyrics about though and how did the song end up on Camila's album? Here's what Camila has said about 'Uuugly' and getting to work with Drake.

Camila Cabello releases C,XOXO album trailer

Speaking to Billboard, Camila said that the collab came about after she slid into Drake's DMs to ask about working together. She explained: "He’s the f---ing GOAT, so it felt like shooting for the stars. I showed him the album when I felt comfortable enough and he really liked it. [The feature] came out of a nontransactional place."

Talking about how both songs came about, Camila said: "I sent the idea for ‘Hot Uptown,’ and I wrote my part. I sent it back to him, and we chopped it so it felt like a duet. Then when he re-worked on his parts again, he gave me an outro which was the ‘Uuugly' part."

She added: "It’s a twofer because he didn’t really need to give me an outro, but for me, it’s like I don’t want to hear a song like ‘Hot Uptown’ and then have it go into this one minute thing where he is talking his shit so we decided to just make it another song."

Camila ended by saying: "Why does [Drake] have his own song? Because selfishly, I just want to hear Drake on my own album. I love that for me — it’s like that rebellious mood. Who says I can’t do that? It’s Drake talking his s--t."


Lyrically, 'Uuugly' appears to be about a fictional relationship between Drake and Camila. Drake shouts her out by rapping: CC, they want me to break it down.

He then complains about her moving on with someone else: Taught you everything you know just for your new link to think you a pro.

Camila does appear on the song but only to add a couple of ad-libs and sing It’ll get ugly at the end of the song.

As it stands, Drake is yet to discuss the song. We'll let you know if he says anything about it.

Drake - 'Uuugly' lyrics

INTRO: Drake

Ayy, yeah

VERSE: Drake
CC, they want me to break it down
CC, they need me to break it down
They ain't even gon’ break it down
We should just take the things I say as truth
There's not a measuring tape long enough that could measure the distance that I went for you
Please don't make me, please don’t make me
Don't make me pull out these credit card statements and show you the proof
It'll get ugly, uh-uh-uh, ugly
This heart was broken a long time ago
My blood, it pumps from my hungover liver then straight to my bones
Taught you everything you know just for your new link to think you a pro
What does he know? What does he really know?
Two hands on your waist, one hand on my face
For someone so lost in life, you always manage to end up at my place
Tryin' me, tryin' me (Tryin' me)
Tryin' me, tryin' me

OUTRO: Camila Cabello
Uh, uh
It’ll get ugly

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