Are Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Still Together?

20 May 2024, 12:29 | Updated: 20 May 2024, 12:41

Here's the latest on Molly-Mae and Tommy's relationship
Here's the latest on Molly-Mae and Tommy's relationship. Picture: Instagram @mollymae

By Abbie Reynolds

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury seem to have sparked break up rumours - but could it be true?

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Back in 2023 break up rumours began to swirl, after social media mogul Molly-Mae Hague posted a ringless selfie and her fiancé Tommy Fury was seen living it up on a night out.

What's more is that in May 2024 the couple have been separated, while Molly celebrated her sister Zoe Hague's hen do in Ibiza, Tommy was in Saudi Arabia supporting his brother Tyson Fury, who was defeated by Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk.

Molly didn't address Tyson's loss which has people convinced she's parted from the Furys. So, we've done a deep dive into the rumours to try and set the record straight.

Molly and Tommy found love on ITV's Love Island back in 2019 and since have built a very happy life together. In January 2023 they welcomed their daughter Bambi and in July they got engaged. Since Tommy popped the question the couple have looked very loved up, so it's hard to believe speculation that they've split.

Tommy proposed to Molly-Mae whilst on holiday with an oval cut diamond believed to be worth between £600,000 and £1 million. However, in a mirror selfie posted in November Molly's diamond ring was noticeably missing, which added fuel to rumours that had already began when she shared a picture of her and her daughter visiting Santa Claus in which she wasn't wearing her ring.

After their stint on Love Island the pair became like reality show royalty and we have all fallen in love with their love story. Here's all you need to know about their break up rumours...

Fans are worried the Love Island sweethearts have split
Fans are worried the Love Island sweethearts have split. Picture: Getty

Have Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury split up?

No, Molly-Mae and Tommy have not split up. It seems they are still happily engaged as amid the rumours Molly shared a picture to her Instagram at her sister's hen do where her engagement ring was on display.

Even after speculation started at the end of 2023 Molly was spotted wearing her engagement ring again despite having posted pictures online without it in November.

In 2023 Molly-Mae addressed the speculation her and Tommy had broken up in a YouTube video posted on 11 December, confirming she's ok and hinting that they'd faced relationship issues just like any other couple.

She told her followers: "Honestly what do I expect? My life is in the public eye. This – sounds bad – but you kind of sign up for it in the job. I really don’t care what is said about me, Tommy, my relationship. It sounds cliche but you really grow massively thick skin like an elephant. I’m immune to it.

Molly-Mae captioned the post 'Celebrating our wife to be'
Molly-Mae captioned the post 'Celebrating our wife to be'. Picture: Instagram @mollymae

"I read things online and it doesn’t even resonate with me I feel like I’m reading about someone else’s life. Half the time it feels that way because the stuff isn’t true anyway but what I will say is... having a relationship that is in the public eye, you deal with things that people in private relationships deal with but because everyone sees it its like a fish bowl, everyone’s watching it."

She went on: "Sometimes it is slightly tricky that things aren’t always going to be perfect, but when they aren’t you have a million people giving an opinion and talking about it.

"Honestly guys I’m fine, it’s just another day in the office you know. You can’t have a life or a relationship in the public eye and then expect things to not be in the public eye when things don’t go to plan. I’m going to move on from this now because I’m talking in riddles."

Molly-Mae went to a Christmas party wearing a gorgeous all black outfit AND her engagement ring
Molly-Mae went to a Christmas party wearing a gorgeous all black outfit AND her engagement ring. Picture: Getty

Seeing Molly-Mae with her ring back on on 29th November seemed to be proof enough that she was trying to put the rumours to bed. She was attending House of CB's Christmas party, donning a beautiful black satin skirt, a corset and of course that stunning £600k+ diamond engagement ring.

Fan speculation that the pair had split first began after videos emerged of Tommy clubbing in a Dubai night club with Chris Brown and Molly posted a series of Instagram stories and a main feed post where her diamond engagement ring was nowhere to be seen.

The mum-of-one was also spotted on a festive outing with daughter Bambi, again ringless. Sat by Father Christmas with her child on her lap, Molly bared a naked hand. But just a week prior, the star had shared a very loving picture of their little family enjoying quality time at London's Winter Wonderland.

Molly-Mae shares festive pic of her and Tommy with Bambi
Molly-Mae shares festive pic of her and Tommy with Bambi. Picture: Instagram @mollymae

There could be a whole host of reasons for the former Love Islander to be without her ring, as she cares for her baby perhaps she didn't want that rock to get in the way or even injure her daughter.

Also, some of the pics in question were an ad for her fake tan Filter and as she posed in her white robe it's very likely that she just doesn't wear her £600k+ ring around the house - its pretty big, it may weigh her down, or even get in the way of a flawless tan.

In May 2022 the couple's home was ransacked by burglars who made off with a large haul of jewellery and designer items, so perhaps Molly is cautious about flaunting her expensive items and keeps the ring somewhere safe - maybe a reach, but it could be possible!

The latest fuel added to the fire was that Molly didn't make any comment about Tyson Fury's defeat - but she was on holiday in Ibiza at the time of his fight in Saudi Arabia, what was she supposed to say?

Molly-Mae reveals all about engagement in clip

What happened in the party video with Tommy Fury?

In relation to Tommy's documented excursions, here's the 411...

Videos surfaced on TikTok of Tommy with his unexpected pal Chris Brown at a night club in Dubai. While many pointed out the boxer's funky dance moves it was also spotted that a fellow female club goer gave Tommy a playful push to the face that could be seen as flirtatious.

One viewer wrote: "There's no way I'd let a friend put their hand in my face like that. That's a flirty push."

However, many who have seen the video argued he really didn't look like he wanted to be touched by the lady, with a comment reading: "I'm confused, it looks like he doesn't want it so that's why he moves away??"

I mean, Tommy wasn't caught doing anything too mischievous on his travels so what's all the fuss? Well some would argue it's unfair that Molly is acting like a single parent at home with their daughter, something she's spoken about before.

Whilst Molly was pregnant she spoke about struggling with Tommy being away as he trained for upcoming fights.

"Other women have these dream pregnancies where they are always with their husband doing baby shopping and doing cute things, and like, me and Tommy literally just communicate through FaceTime at this point," she shared.

The former Love Island star went on: "I think because he's been away so much, I feel like he sometimes forgets. I have to remind him that I'm two months away from giving birth – you know, we're going to have a child. I think he sometimes has to be reminded a little bit because he's away in camp-land."

One fan has said that if Molly was away partying in Dubai while Tommy was at home with the baby people would have a lot to say.

Molly-Mae posted an array of Instagram stories with no ring
Molly-Mae posted an array of Instagram stories with no ring. Picture: Instagram @mollymae

“Tommy Fury being spotted partying in a club with Chris Brown of all people whilst Molly Mae is at home looking after THEIR baby. I just know if it [was] Molly-Mae acting this way as a mother, people would have a lot to say lolll and that’s on being a woman,” they wrote.

But for now the status of their relationship seems pretty secure, Molly is often very open on her YouTube channel so she may feel like she needs to make yet another comment on the rumours, but if she doesn't - we don't blame her!

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