Love Island Fans Divided Over Jessie And Casey’s Argument

1 March 2023, 10:20

Jessie calls out Casey in Love Island first look

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Love Island’s Jessie Wynter and Casey O’Gorman were caught in a heated exchange in the villa on Tuesday night.

Love Island fans have been left divided after Jessie Wynter and Casey O’Gorman got into a heated discussion on Tuesday night.

Tensions had been high in recent days as Casey was caught in a love triangle with his former partner Claudia Fogarty and new bombshell Rosie Seabrook, who re-coupled with him over the weekend.

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As Casey continued to get to know both girls, he ultimately decided to stay in a couple with Rosie, leaving Claudia disappointed as she had been seen in tears in recent episodes over his decision.

During the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge on Monday, four girls including Claudia pied Casey in the face and some of the boys even backed her to lift her spirits.

Love Island's Jessie and Casey were caught in a heated exchange
Love Island's Jessie and Casey were caught in a heated exchange. Picture: ITV2
Four of the Love Island girls pied Casey in the Snog, Marry Pie challenge
Four of the Love Island girls pied Casey in the Snog, Marry Pie challenge. Picture: ITV2

However, after the challenge, Casey pulled Will Young and Tom Clare for a chat to ask why they didn’t support him since they’re his closest pals in the villa.

Tom and Will soon saw his side of things and apologised, insisting they were just trying to boost Claudia’s mood.

Jessie then caught wind of this discussion on Tuesday night and pulled Casey for a chat, where she went on to tell him that she felt the boys didn’t need to apologise to him.

She said that the boys “weren’t trying to not stick up for you”, adding that “they were just trying to console Claudia”.

Casey responded: “The boys have apologised to me so it’s fine,” while Jessie said: “I’m going to be honest, I don’t think that they needed to apologise.”

Casey seemingly got more irritated as Jessie tried to diffuse the discussion, as he replied: “Ok, I don't really care... It just feels like you've dragged me over here to have a bit of a go at me when really now is not the time.”

Fans soon took to Twitter, with many divided over the discussion, with one saying: “Goodness all the girls are so insufferable this year jessie needs to mind her own business it’s between casey and his friends it’s literally got nothing to do with her??”

Meanwhile, another person agreed with Jessie, tweeting: “I don’t get how Jessie talking to Casey means she’s not genuine? Someone hurt her pal and she’s telling the guy how everyone else in the villa is seeing the situation, to me that’s outrageously genuine what am I missing.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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