Harry Styles Shakes Off Breakup Blues With Italy Vacation

29 May 2024, 08:59 | Updated: 29 May 2024, 11:37

Harry Styles has been spotted in Italy with his longest beard yet.
Harry Styles has been spotted in Italy with his longest beard yet. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Following his split from girlfriend Taylor Russell, Harry Styles is holidaying in Rome, Italy sporting his brand new beard.

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In May 2024 it was reported that Harry Styles and Taylor Russell had broken up after dating for over a year. Since the split all eyes have been on Harry to gage how he's doing after he and Taylor went separate ways.

Post-breakup Harry was spotted in the streets of London sporting a casual 'fit with ties to his ex-girlfriend and now he has been seen on holiday in Italy. We like your style Harry, there's no better way to mend a heart than time in the country of good pasta and pizza!

Harry was photographed in a kitchenware store debating over a goose necked kettle wearing a simple fit and his beard at the longest we've seen it yet.

His sweart read 'modern life is rubbish' which may reflect his mood but ultimately it's merch from one of his much-loved bands Blur, so maybe don't read into it too much.

Harry Styles is no stranger to Italy
Harry Styles is no stranger to Italy. Picture: Getty

Harry was also spotted various other times in Italy's capital, and, just like he is often seen doing in London, he was cycling around.

The 'As It Was Singer' is no stranger to a new look, at the end of 2023 he shocked fans when he shaved off his hair and rocked a rather unexpected buzz cut.

He didn't keep that look for long though as he quickly grew it out again and is now donning a fuller head of hair. And now, we are seeing Harry with his longest beard yet (if we don't count the 'Music For A Sushi Restaurant' transformation).

He usually rocks a little bit of stubble but since his breakup with Taylor he has been seen with an ever growing face of hair. Fans have been in full support of the beard with one taking to X to say: "i ADORE his beard @Harry_Styles please don’t shave"

Another said: "i’m so sorry for telling you to shave your sexy beard, i promise i get it @harry_styles"

Harry Styles sported a fuller head of hair a few months after his buzz cut reveal
Harry Styles sported a fuller head of hair a few months after his buzz cut reveal. Picture: Getty

When he opted for the buzz cut in 2023 rumours began swirling that the Don't Worry Darling actor had done it for a new TV role, but that ended up being nothing but a rumour.

But maybe this time he is growing out his beard for an upcoming role or perhaps he's just feeling a change as he enters this single chapter of his life.

Either way, we love to see Harry thriving and we are certainly a fan of the new beard.

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