Is Everyone On Billie Eilish's Instagram 'Close Friends'?

5 April 2024, 10:45 | Updated: 5 April 2024, 10:56

People think Billie's IG story is a publicity stunt
People think Billie's close friends IG story is a publicity stunt. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Are you wondering, 'why am I on Billie's close friends list?' after noticing her latest Instagram Stories featuring her tattoo? Us too, but here's why.

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While we all eagerly await Billie Eilish's third album - that she has been teasing all around the world - we've been watching her every move online to see if she drops anymore clues about new music.

And on Friday she made millions of people feel like they were someone special. That's right the two-time Oscar Award winner posted a couple of pictures to her 'close friends' story on Instagram, one being a snap of a brand new tattoo.

To her followers surprise, they could all see it even though it was clearly posted to be shared with only her 'close friends' list. It's a little bit self explanatory but usually IG users use the close friends feature to share moments with their 'closest' friends.

Yet it seems the 'NDA' singer has her entire following list selected as a 'close friend'. But is everyone on Billie's 'close friends' list then and if so, why?

Fans think Billie's new tattoo reads 'hard & soft'
Fans think Billie's new tattoo reads 'hard & soft'. Picture: Instagram @billieeilish

Why did Billie Eilish add me to her 'close friends' story?

It seems that Billie Eilish has added the whole of her following list to her IG 'close friends' list, so if you're following her - that's why. But if you're wondering, 'is everyone on it?' well technically not everyone, only her followers.

After it started being reported that she had shared a snap of her new tattoo on her 'close friends' story fans were quick to say, 'hold up, I can see it too'. People jumped into Billie's comments to get some clarity, asking "why am I on your close friends list" and "anyone else on her close friends list?".

But we hate to break it to you, if you've been bragging to your friends about being on the list, unfortunately you aren't so special. Even though she has a colossal following of over 100 million people, it's understood that she has added all of her followers to it.

Billie Eilish poses with Oscar at afterparty

But why has she done this? Well, one commenter thinks they have the answer, writing: "She added everyone chill you guys. It's called marketing and it worked lol."

Another wrote, "04/04/24 Billie Eilish broke the internet", and they're not wrong since she posted to her CF she has gained over 3 million followers. When the story first went live she had 111 million followers and at the time of writing she has 115 million.

As we head into a new Billie era this is great way to get her fans involved and we expect any clues about new music will be posted on this not-so-private private story.

The nine time Grammy award winner always finds a way to give back to her fan base and it seems this gesture has done some good, with a fan commenting: "Thanks for putting me on your cf seeing these comments, I noticed I am not the only one but it's a great way to make us feel special"

Instagram does have a 'select all' option for 'close friends' so, for anyone wondering if she had someone select over 100 million people individually, no she did not.

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