Zayn Malik’s New Song ‘Hurt’: What Are The Lyrics & Is He Singing About Gigi Hadid In Leaked Track?

1 April 2020, 13:22 | Updated: 1 April 2020, 13:28

Zayn Malik's unreleased track from 2017 made its way online
Zayn Malik's unreleased track from 2017 made its way online. Picture: PA

Zayn Malik’s unreleased bop ‘Hurt’ has been leaked online and the lyrics are pointing to his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

A Zayn Malik track has been leaked on the internet and fans are wondering why they have never heard the unreleased song.

The bop called ‘Hurt’ was written in 2017 but only just found its way online.

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With an emotional telling of how the person he loves most causes him pain, people have been speculating if his lyrics are pointing to his long-term on-off again relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

What are the lyrics to Zayn’s new song and who is he singing about? Here’s what we know…

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What are the lyrics to Zayn’s track ‘Hurt’?

In the bop, he sings: "You know me the best but you hurt me the worst.

"Every single thing you know about me is every single thing you use to only hurt.

"I know I should let go now (but I know, but I know), no one else feels like home, yeah.

"You know just what to say to make me stay, make me stay.

"One more dose of the pain.”

Who is he singing about?

Zayn Malik has been dating Gigi Hadid on and off for five years
Zayn Malik has been dating Gigi Hadid on and off for five years. Picture: PA

It’s quite the obvious guess that the lyrics are about his turbulent romance with US model Gigi Hadid.

The pair started dating in 2015 after they were spotted holding hands at Justin Bieber’s American Music Award afterparty.

They were loved up for years before they publicly announced their split in March 2018.

Since ‘Hurt’ was written in 2017, it makes sense that the relationship that would’ve been on his mind whilst writing it, was his intimate one with Gigi.

After their split, they were spotted together and they both reached out to each other on social media, with fans wondering if there was soon to be a reunion.

They eventually confirmed they were back on in January 2020 after they went out to celebrate the One Direction star’s 27th birthday together, in New York.

How did the song make its way online?

According to numerous tweets, a fan allegedly leaked the song on YouTube, leading Zayn to unfollow her.

One person tweeted: “Y’all were attacking zayn for unfollowing an account who leaked his song???? what did you all expect him to do? tf [sic].”

“This is the THIRD time someone has allowed one of Zayn’s track to be leaked. We stand by Zayn in all of this and know he deserves better from his team and from fans #WeLoveYouZayn,” added another.

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