Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch: Prices, exclusive sweaters, opening times and more

23 June 2023, 09:28

Taylor Swift teams up with Captial One for The Eras tour presale

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

All the details on Taylor Swift's Eras Tour merch, including prices, what to buy and opening times of the merch truck.

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You won the Ticketmaster war, you've nailed your Eras tour outfit, you've manifested your two favourite tracks for Taylor Swift to play as surprise songs and now you're facing the next biggest battle: The Taylor Swift Merch Truck.

Taylor's Eras Tour is well and truly in full swing with fans sharing their incredible videos and photos from their experience seeing the icon herself on stage.

With loads of shows still set to come on the U.S. leg, fans are now sharing their tips and tricks with people who are yet to attend – and merch advice is at the top of those lists.

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Hundreds and hundreds of people have been queuing up at the merch trucks before the start of the concert in order to get their hands on show-exclusive merch. Some fans have even reported hours-long waiting times to get to the front of the queue.

So, if you're wondering about whether or not you should join the Eras Tour merch truck queue, or wait until you're inside the stadium to buy your merch, here's what you need to know. From prices, show-exclusive items, merch truck opening times and more, here's what fans have shared so far.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch: Prices, what to buy and opening times

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch: Prices, opening times and more
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch: Prices, opening times and more. Picture: Christopher Polk/Penske Media via Getty Images, John Medina/Getty Images

How much is Taylor Swift's Eras Tour merch?

If you're looking to get your hands on a hoodie or a sweater commemorating your time at the Eras Tour, you're looking at around $55-75. On the other end of the price list, the cheapest items are the glow baton ($15), the reusable water bottle ($25) and the tote bag ($30).

Here's the list of everything you can buy at the merch stand on the Eras Tour:

  • Hoodies - $75
  • Crewneck sweater - $65
  • Quarter-zip Pullover - $65
  • Long sleeve t-shirt - $55
  • Tour t-shirts - $45
  • Tie-dye tank top - $40
  • 'Bewejeled' Bracelet - $35
  • Canvas tour poster tapestry - $35
  • Concert poster with show date and location - $30
  • Tote bag - $30
  • Water bottle - $25
  • Glow baton - $15

The merch stand also notes that tax will be added to the prices shown in the merch truck, too. So make sure you've got enough to cover the costs of everything you're planning on buying.

Can you buy Eras Tour merch on Taylor Swift's website?

There's a handful of items in the merch truck that are pretty much the same as what Taylor is selling on her website. The black and beige t-shirts are currently available to buy on Taylor's merch site, as well as the Eras 'bejeweled' bracelet. There's also variations on several of the hoodies available too.

Unfortunately, the viral blue crewneck sweater that everyone has been scrambling to get their hands on is not available to buy online. The sweaters are so popular that fans are also warning others that people without tickets have been queuing up to buy them in bulk in order to sell online at a much, much higher price.

You can buy a similar hooded version of it online, though. And tbh, it looks just as great!

There's also different items on Taylor's website that are not available at the merch truck or any of the booths inside.

Can you buy Eras Tour merch inside the stadium?

Yep, according to reports from fans, there's also merch stands inside the stadiums too so you don't have to spend your time queuing in the long lines outside.

However, the booths inside will not have the same wide variety of items that the truck outside has. Fans have been able to get their hands on the cheaper items, such as water bottles, tote bags, posters and tour tees, but have had little luck finding the coveted sweaters and hoodies inside the venue.

The City Of Glendale, Arizona Prepares For The Opening Night Of The Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
The City Of Glendale, Arizona Prepares For The Opening Night Of The Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour. Picture: Getty

What time does the Eras Tour merch truck stand open?

Based on several reports from fans who have already attended Taylor's shows, the merch truck opens at around 10am and closes between 6 and 7pm before the show begins.

Times may vary depending on the city though, so make sure you check the stadium's Twitter feed, and keep an eye on fellow Swifties who may be sharing any updates. (The truck also arrived a day early in Las Vegas giving fans the chance to get their merch the day before the concert.)

Taylor's first support act starts around 6:30pm and Taylor takes to the stage around 8pm. So if you want to make sure you're ready and in your seat with plenty of time to spare before Taylor kicks things off, make sure you plan ahead for the long queues at the merch truck!

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