Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Get Tattoos Together During Adorable Date Night

14 November 2019, 10:53

Shawn Mendes takes Camila Cabello for her first tattoo
Shawn Mendes takes Camila Cabello for her first tattoo. Picture: Splash News/Instagram @kanenavasard

Shawn & Camila have wasted no time spending quality couple time together and both went to get tattoos,

Shawn Mendes is no stranger to tattoos, and has now brought girlfriend, Camila Cabello along for the ride, with them both getting inks at the same time as they're date nights continue to make fans everywhere gush about them being 2019's cutest couple.

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Camila Cabello gets her first tattoo with Shawn Mendes
Camila Cabello gets her first tattoo with Shawn Mendes. Picture: Instagram @kanenavasrd

Getting inked by Kane Navasard, tattoo artist to the stars, followed by both Ariana Grande and Shawn on Instagram, Camila got her first ever tattoo, which reads 'it's a mystery', a reference from the film Shakespeare In Love, which fits well with her new era and album, titled Romance.

Shawn had previously told fans in a Q&A session he wanted to get the tribute tat for his younger sister, Aaliyah, and he's stuck true to his word, getting the tiny symbol behind his ear.

The tattoo artist captioned the post, ""Little letter ''A'' for the man @shawnmendes."

The 'In My Blood' singer is no stranger to tattoos, with a number of meaningful inks already proudly on display, including a guitar, a lightbulb, and a butterfly which was designed by a fan and edited onto a photo of him before he spotted it and actually had it done!

Shawn Mendes has a number of meaningful tattoos
Shawn Mendes has a number of meaningful tattoos. Picture: Instagram @shawnmendes

After spending a long period of time away from each other as Shawn took his world tour over to Australia and Camila finished up her upcoming album, the pair have wasted no time now they're both back in LA enjoying each other's company once more.

Their date night at a basketball game in LA made headlines around the world with their seriously cute court side PDA, and they dressed up for their friend, Julia Michaels's 90s themed birthday party, and now the pair are carrying on their playful antics with the tattoo session.

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