Shawn Mendes' Reaction To Being Asked About Relationships Is Beyond Adorable

3 April 2019, 13:49

Shawn Mendes answered a fan’s question about relationships, but his response – which involved Khalid – had his Mendes Army swooning at how pure it was.

Shawn Mendes recently took part in a Q&A session with his fans, during his world tour, including answering questions about relationships… Which he knows a thing or two about, after he accidentally ruined a couple’s engagement.

One fan asked the 'Stitches' singer who he was 'shipping at the minute, and Shawn's response to this question had his followers adoring him even more.

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"My favourite friend?" questioned Shawn. "Like, I'm really close with Khalid," he continued.

His followers were quick to laugh at his adorable response, while he confessed his love for the 'Talk' star.

Shawn quickly caught on to what his fan meant, and said "I don't know. I don't like to get involved with that". We're pleased Shawn isn't quite down with what "'shipping" means for this response alone.

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During his world tour, Shawn Mendes has had many memorable moments with his fans, including the time he took a photo of a fan's suit, so he could ask his stylist to get him a similar looking outfit.