Shawn Mendes New Tattoo: The 'Seńorita' Star Gets Inked With Butterfly Design

22 July 2019, 16:11 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 11:49

Shawn Mendes' new butterfly tattoo
Shawn Mendes' new butterfly tattoo. Picture: Instagram

Shawn Mendes has a brand new tattoo and the design was sent to him by a fan.

Shawn Mendes' tattoos are a thing of beauty, we ALL know this... however his most recent ink is special for reasons more than it looking gorge on his bulging bicep.

The design was originally sent to him via a fan and by some miracle, the Canadian star actually ended up getting the butterfly/flower tat permanently branded on his arm.

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Shawn Mendes' design for his new tattoo
Shawn Mendes' design for his new tattoo. Picture: Instagram/@macdreaper

After catching sight of a photoshopped image of himself online with said design, Shawn tracked down the fan and got her to send the raw image of the file.

Unknown to all of us, Shawn went on to get the design tattooed onto his left arm!

Check out the finished look below... we know, it's breathtaking!

Shawn fan Kayla, who began this entire tattoo-fuelled-journey with a tweet to the artist has been tweeting her excitement after the tattoo was revealed. She wrote, "who would’ve thought that me messing around and editing a tattoo onto him would turn into a reality??? no words".

She also shared a conversation she had on Instagram with the original designer of the tattoo too!

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