Shawn Mendes Slid Into A Fan's DMs To Ask About A Tattoo Design

19 July 2019, 11:59

Shawn Mendes slid into the DMs of a fan
Shawn Mendes slid into the DMs of a fan. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes took time out of his busy schedule to slide into the DMs of a fan to ask about a potential tattoo design.

Shawn Mendes has an incredible relationship with his fans... you only need to look at his intimate Q&A sessions to understand how much both sides mean to one another. So, when Shawn asked a fan to DM him on Twitter, the #MendesArmy lost all chill.

Shawn fan Kayla, tweeted an edited photo of her fave popstar branded with butterfly tattoo on his arm to which Shawn replied asking for an original snap of the drawing!

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Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo on his arm
Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo on his arm. Picture: Twitter

Upon seeing the tweet, Shawn wrote back to Kayla asking, "Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing ??". Cue a total fan meltdown from Kayla, who continued to keep other Shawn fans updated with the situation.

Of course Kayla's initial reaction was one which we'd expect from anyone enrolled in the #MendesArmy:

She followed up with more tweets including her sheer panic as she revealed, "im LITERALLY AT THE CAR WASH RIGHT NOW" as well as "HE FOLLOWED ME JEJSJRNENTJEMRKRKKHIM" (note that CAPS was appropriately turned on).

Shawn's first DM to Kayla read, "Can you send me a real photo of that butterfly tattoo?" to which she replied, "Of course! Let me find it real quick, haha, I love you" - Kayla, playing it cool at all times... I LOVE YOU.

Kayla shared screenshots of Shawn's other messages to her on Twitter:

Superfan Kayla also admitted to accidentally sending the incorrect name of the artist who drew the original before correcting herself. She wrote, "S**T F**K WRONG ARTIST PEOPLE WERE SAYING THAT WAS IT I’M SWNDING HIM THE RIGHT ONE NOW"... you can almost feel the panic in the air.

She concluded her whirlwind experience with a very sweet post saying, "im so thankful for today. like all of you and him like. i’ve just been kind of down recently and he just picked me up? anywho thank yall for ur kind messages i love u guys :’)". N'aww, we hope you're feeling better now Kayla!

We're unsure as to what Shawn's got in store for the design but we'll ALL be keeping an eye on his socials... deal, DEAL?!

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