Shawn Mendes Fans Are Hunting Down His Calvin Klein Billboards Around The World

26 February 2019, 11:16

Shawn Mendes's Calvin Klein billboards have been ahem, erected, around major cities as part of his modelling campaign and fans have wasted no time in hunting them down.

Shawn Mendes got everyone talking when his Calvin Klein campaign dropped last week and now, fans are on the hunt for the full sized billboards that have popped up in major cities.

WATCH: Shawn Mendes's Calvin Klein Underwear Shoot 'Life Changing But Nerve Wracking'

They've traipsed across cities including New York and Copenhagen and London to find their favourite singer plastered across a giant billboard and taken to Twitter to document their findings.

They've also made a pretty valid point that the enormous billboard of Shawn in his underwear could be extremely distracting and potentially dangerous for motorists, which we 100% agree with.

Shawn got roasted by Jack Whitehall last week when he attended his first ever BRITs over his head turning underwear campaign, which he described as the most nerve wracking but life changing thing he's done.

Oh, and did we forget to mention we totally got him to sign a pair of Calvin's which are currently posted up on eBay, if you fancy bidding, they're currently going for over six grand!

We love Shawn's fans dedication to promoting his latest shoot but et's be honest, they're in for a treat when they do finally reach that billboard!

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