Miranda Cosgrove Wants An iCarly Movie After Reboot Was Suddenly Cancelled

14 May 2024, 15:13

Miranda Cosgrove Wants An iCarly Movie To "Wrap It All Up" After Reboot Was Cancelled
Miranda Cosgrove Wants An iCarly Movie To "Wrap It All Up" After Reboot Was Cancelled. Picture: Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty Images, Paramount+
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The iCarly reboot was cancelled before they had a chance to finish several major storylines leading to outrage from fans.

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Fancy an iCarly movie? Well, you're not the only one. Miranda Cosgrove wants to do an iCarly film to properly end the show.

The end of iCarly season 3 left fans desperate for more of the reboot. The finale finished on two huge cliffhangers. Carly and Freddie were considering getting married and Carly's mother then made an off-screen appearance. The credits rolled with Carly and Freddie still yet to make a decision and the audience never actually seeing who Carly's mother is.

However, despite demand for more, The Hollywood Reporter later confirmed that iCarly had been cancelled leaving viewers outraged. Now, Miranda Cosgrove has revealed that she hopes they can make an iCarly movie to actually finish the show.

Carly and Freddie in iCarly season 3
Carly and Freddie in iCarly season 3. Picture: Paramount+

Speaking with ET at a screening for her brand new film Mother of the Bride, Miranda revealed that she loved doing the iCarly reboot. She also made clear that she is "hoping" they get a chance to finish it properly now that it's been cancelled.

Miranda explained: "I had a great experience getting to come back and do it for a few seasons, for sure. But I'd love to still be able to wrap up the story in some way. Maybe, hopefully, someday, we'll still do it. I feel like it would probably be more along the lines of maybe a movie, that would kind of wrap it all up or something like that. So that's what I'm hoping for."

An iCarly movie? With Carly and Freddie getting married and a reveal of who Carly's mother is? I would like to see it!

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As it stands, there are no official plans for an iCarly movie. However, over 20,000 people signed a petition for Paramount+ to bring back the show, so there's certainly an audience for one if it every happens.

What do you think? Would you like an iCarly movie?

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